Frequently Asked Questions

How is ICSEW Funded?

ICSEW is funded through gifts, grants, and training revenue. ICSEW does not receive funding from the General Fund – State (SFS).

Can I attend ICSEW meetings if I am not an appointed representative or alternate?

ICSEW meetings are open public meetings. We encourage state employees to attend meetings with approval of their supervisor. In addition, the ICSEW Professional Development Subcommittee sponsors one meeting a year that is open to all employees. This meeting focuses on providing training and information about ICSEW.

How can I get updates about what is going on with ICSEW?

You can join our electronic mailing list by sending your email address to  You will receive email updates about ICSEW activities. You may also click on the RSSimage RSS icon at the bottom of our home page to get website blog updates when they are posted.

How do I become a member?

ICSEW members (and alternates) are appointed by their agency directors.  Visit our Members page for a current list of ICSEW representatives.  If your agency does not currently have a representative (or alternate), ask your supervisor to support your appointment by your director.

If you are selected, your agency director should send the following information to

  • Letter of appointment from your Agency Director
  • Current resume

If you have any questions, contact the ICSEW Chair.

How long is a term and how many terms can I serve?

Representatives are appointed to two-year terms. Most terms begin July 1 and end June 30 unless the representative is filling a position vacated mid-term. There is no limit on the number of terms a representative can serve.

How much time is involved in being an ICSEW member?

At a minimum, members must attend a full-day meeting six times a year and must join at least one subcommittee. The amount of time involved in participating on a subcommittee varies depending on events and activities. Members should work with their subcommittee chairs to ensure a participation level fitting your workload and agency expectations.

How often are the meetings?

Meetings are usually on the third Tuesday of July, September, November January, March, and May. There may be some meetings falling outside of the regular schedule because of holidays. See upcoming meetings for more information.

Do I have to join a subcommittee?

Yes. The success of ICSEW depends on the work done by the subcommittees. Contact the ICSEW chair if you find you are not able to actively participate on a subcommittee.

How often do the subcommittees meet?

Meeting schedules vary by subcommittee. Some subcommittees may meet by email or conference call. Contact the subcommittee chair or co-chair for more information.

Can I attend the meetings if I am an alternate and the representative is able to attend?

ICSEW encourages alternates to attend all meetings. However, it is up to your agency to approve your attendance at meetings if you are an alternate. Some agencies may only allow alternates to attend when the representative is not able to.

Can I join a subcommittee if I am an alternate?

Yes. However, you will need to check with your agency or supervisor for approval to participate.

Can I vote if I am an alternate?

No. Only an agency appointed representative may vote. If an alternate is attending a meeting (where a vote will take place) in the absence of a representative, he/she may complete a proxy voting form to allow the alternate to vote on his/her behalf.

How does ICSEW communicate with the Governor’s Office?

The governor’s office appoints a staff member to be the liaison to ICSEW. The liaison is given time at every meeting to update the committee on the governor’s priorities and receive feedback from the members. In addition, the ICSEW chair may schedule individual meetings with the liaison in order to communicate with the governor’s office about ICSEW priorities and activities. ICSEW may also formally communicate with the governor’s office through letters or memos.

The current liaison to ICSEW are RaShelle Davis and Paulette Avalos.

What are my responsibilities as an ICSEW Representative?

ICSEW representative responsibilities:

  • Attend all meetings
  • Actively participate in at least one subcommittee
  • Send information out to his/her agency about ICSEW activities and events
  • Develop a means of communication with his/her director or sponsor for the purposes of providing briefings and executive guidance.

How should I communicate with my agency about ICSEW activities and events?

This varies by agency. Representatives should work with their agency director or sponsor to develop a clear plan for communication (i.e., sending emails, providing articles about ICSEW in agency newsletters, or attending meetings to provide updates or overviews).

How do I submit articles for the Website Blog?

Contact your agency representative or the communications subcommittee chair to find out about submitting an article.

Can I submit articles for the Website Blog if I am not a member?

Yes. Contact your agency representative or the communications subcommittee chair to find out about submitting an article.

Are there guidelines for writing Website Blog articles?

Yes. The communications subcommittee has guidelines posted on their web page for specific types of articles. In general, the subcommittee follows plain talk and Associated Press (AP) guidelines for writing.