Visiting your Senators or Representatives

Know your options when contacting your senators and representatives. Your voice is a powerful tool – here are resources and tips for you to ensure you are heard and your voice is impactful when you visit your senator or representative. To find your representatives please use the below tools

Federal –

State – (find your district )

Visiting your senator or representative

  • Research before you go – know the issue you want to discuss and when possible know where your legislator stands on this issue.
  • Bring the right people to the table
    • Center people on the margins. Include voters, influencers and group leaders. I’d probably leave this bullet out. It isn’t super clear what it’s talking about
  • Bring data and stories relevant to the district.
  • Know your roles and who will make the “ask” when you are visiting as a group
  • Know how you will respond to a yes/no/maybe.
  • Follow up with thanks and answer any questions.
  • Debrief with your group and broadcast results using social media when appropriate.

ICSEW Conference Speakers Announced!

Have you registered for conference? Space is limited but registration is extended until we fill up. Click here today to reserve your spot.

2018 ICSEW Conference At-a-Glance

Presenter Information

Keynote: Theresa Whitmarsh, Executive Director, Washington State Investment Board

Goal Setting

Goal-setting and career plans are powerful tools for professional development. But sometimes there is no substitute for opportunistic risk-taking. Theresa Whitmarsh, Executive Director at the Washington State Investment Board, describes her own career as a non-traditional experiment rather than a perfectly planned path. As a woman leader (the name plaque on desk says “Girl Boss”) working in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Theresa has combined empathy, curiosity, communication and some big risk-taking to navigate her way to leadership. She will share highlights of her journey, including some hard lessons learned.



Your Financial Preparedness Emergency Kit

Presenter: Suzanne Klenk, Washington State Employees Credit UnionEmergencies happen, so come get the tools you need to be ready for an emergency – natural disaster, financial or otherwise.



Navigating the Multi-Generational Workforce

Presenter: Joanne Lee, Department of Enterprise ServicesMillennials are increasing in numbers in the workplace, entering workforce with Baby Boomers. May have different learning, management styles. How to create a harmonizing workplace among many generations, retaining institutional knowledge.


Finding Your Genius Zone

Presenter: Sue Hallowell, CEO, Courageous Chicks Consulting

Discover your genius zone, that place where your unique gifts meet the world’s need. Create your personal mission statement.


Authentic leadership: Showing up as your best self on even the worst day

Presenter: Amy Leneker

We will explore authentic leadership and what the research from around the world says that team members want in a leader.  Each participant will leave with a personalized action plan to take the next step on their authentic leadership journey.



In this workshop we will each identify our own values and explore how our values are (or are not) showing up in our lives every day.  We will also discuss how values can aid us in decision-making.


Acing the Toughest Interview Question

Presenter: Beth Rokstad and Marra Johnson, Employment Security Department and Labor and Industries Employment Specialists.

If you are actively looking for work, or looking to advance in your current field,you know the importance of adequately preparing for a job interview. But how do you prepare for the trickiest ones? From behavioral questions, questions designed to talk about weaknesses, co-workers you didn’t get along with, to questions about salary and benefits, this session will help you prepare for the toughest ones.

Identifying and Communicating Transferable Skills


This session focuses on how to “crack the code” of state employment applications. Beth Rokstad and Marra Johnson will explain the ins and outs of creating a job application that gets results. The session will focus answering questionnaires completely, and how to not only identifying skills, but communicating them on your application so it won’t get screened out.


Compassion Care

Presenter: Felice Davis, Washington Corrections Center for Women

Working on your own trauma while adding protective factors in your own life increase your effectiveness at work. Primarily for employees who work with at-risk populations (i.e: law enforcement, health/medical, corrections, social work, and first responders). Will have “takeaway tips” for mental health/work life balance/work effectiveness that can be applied to all professions



The Way of the Mysterial Woman – unlocking your inert leadership skills.

Suzanne Anderson, psychologist, author, executive coach, speaker and transformational facilitator

Faith Trimble, founder and owner of The Athena Group

Suzanne has dedicated the past 15 years of her career in leadership development to decoding an embodied, integral and accelerated pathway to unlock women’s innate leadership potential through her university certificate leadership programs. She is the co-author of the triple award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How you Live, Love and Lead. Faith has been a student of the Way of the Mysterial Woman for 2 years, and is integrating the “mysterial” into state and local government work when clients are open to transformational shifts in the way the work together.


Navigating the Generational Workforce

Presenter: Joanne Lee, Office of Financial Management

Millennials are some of the fastest growing generation segments in the workforce. Meanwhile we have baby boomers and everywhere in between who may have different work styles and values. They also maintain key institutional knowledge that will be passed to the newer workforce. This workshop focuses on how to maintain harmony and balance in the workplace across generations.


Culture Shift: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change

Presenter: Betty Lochner, CEO, Cornerstone Consulting,

This presentation has the following objectives 1) Explore the definition of culture shift and your role in the process, 2) Learn how to assess gaps in your current organizational culture, 3) Tips and tools that will empower you to impact the culture you work in.



Overcoming Adversity in Today’s Workforce

Presenter: Danielle Armbruster, Assistant Secretary of the Reentry Division for the Department of Corrections

Danielle started working for the state over 20 years ago, she began her career as an Office Assistant and has risen through the ranks to the. An excerpt from Danielle’s speech: My first job was working as an office assistant in the sales department. I didn’t know how I was going to make it, but I took a deep breath and did my best to learn and grow as much as I could every day. I worked for terrible bosses and good ones too. There were moments I wanted to give up, moments I didn’t think I could make something of myself. It was tough being a young mom, daycare issues, and long hours away from my daughter. I cried a lot, but I used those tears to gain strength and show up every day good, bad or indifferent. Well… 21 years later I stand in front of you as an Assistant Secretary of the Reentry Division for the Department of Corrections which is one of the largest agencies in the state. My hard work has paid off and I have continued to be proud of the differences I have been able to make within each of the roles I have held. I will admit this wasn’t an easy journey although I have a passion for the work and the drive to continue to make a difference in lives for positive change.


Mindfulness at Work

Presenter: Larisa Benson and Vicki Oyadamori, Mindfulness Coaches, The Athena Group

Practicing mindfulness can ease your stress, improve your focus and increase resilience and creativity. In our fast-paced society, we are constantly distracted and it’s so easy to lose focus, become stressed out and overwhelmed. Based on the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, mindfulness can help you remain calm under pressure and cultivate that unmistakable sense of poise and presence. Benefits include improved health, resilient relationships, and higher personal and team performance. Join us to learn simple practices that can have a profound effect on your ability to perceive, connect, focus and relax.

Voting guide available

League of Women Voters provides on online voting guide that is unbiased, relevant, and easy to use.

Go to for election and voting information you need to understand the issues.

Primary Election information is available now through August 7th (when ballots are due) and will be available again for the November’s General Election.

Get informed and let your voice be heard.

Conference Keynote Speaker will be: Theresa Whitmarsh

We are pleased to announce that Theresa Whitmarsh will be the keynote speaker for the 2018 Professional Development Conference.

The annual professional development conference is our largest event. It draws more than 500 people each year and offers a variety of training sessions designed to help attendees grow and develop as leaders. The conference will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12 at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center, 1500 Commerce St. Tacoma, Wash.

Whitmarsh will use her own story to talk about opportunistic risk-taking in relation to goal setting and career plans.

“Whitmarsh describes her own career as a non-traditional experiment rather than a perfectly planned path,” according to Stacy Conway, Whitmarsh’s executive assistant. “As a women leader, working in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Theresa has comined empathy, curiosity, communication and some big risk-taking to navigate her way into leadership.”

Whitmarsh joined the Washington State Investment Board in 2003 with 20 years of experience in business, government and media.  She has a Master’s degree in business administration, Pacific Lutheran University, and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Seattle Pacific University. Whitmarsh serves as the chair of the Pacific Pension & Investment Institute, and co-chair of the Council of Institutional Investors. Whitmarsh is the immediate past director with the International Centre for Pension Management and also serves on the Millstein Center for Corporate Governance Advisory Board and the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Investing.  She is a member of Advisory Board of Principles Investment Committee.

The daylong conference will be filled with more than a dozen workshops led by dynamic presenters including:

  • Navigating the Multi-Generational Workforce, Joanne Lee, Learning Design & Delivery Professional, Department of Enterprise Services
  • Culture Shift: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change, Betty Lochner, CEO, Cornerstone Consulting
  • Amy Leneker Leadership Development Consultant, Compass Consulting
  • Mindfulness at Work, Larisa Benson and Vicki Oyadorami, The Athena Place

Cost to attend is $150. Registration information can be found at: