Public Outreach Subcommittee

Our Goal

Support, assist, and build relationships with state employed women and our allies by promoting ICSEW's mission and values. We accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Coordinate public outreach opportunities by building relationships between ICSEW, its members and the communities of Washington.
  • Select and support a Washington State Combined Fund Drive Charity on an annual basis through an ICSEW-sponsored collection drive.
  • Create and maintain public interaction and awareness of ICSEW through promotion of all ICSEW-led projects by exhibiting at events, information fairs and other opportunities.
  • Partner with Business Resource Groups (BRG) to create and maintain working relationships with those in our community.
  • Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) by attending and exhibiting at conferences such as the DEI Summit; the Equity Convening and other conferences and fairs that support DEI's mission and goals.

What We Do

The Public Outreach Subcommittee promotes ICSEW through coordination and participation in public and state agency-sponsored events that align with the ICSEW’s mission and vision. Subcommittee members meet for one hour per month and table at various events throughout the calendar year.

Activities include:

  • Representing ICSEW at information fairs, agency lead gatherings, and events with special emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as health and wellness. Subcommittee members are asked to table at one event, but anyone can volunteer as much as they would like.
  • Participating in Washington State’s annual Public Service Recognition Week.
  • Promoting and supporting traditional ICSEW events and trainings.
  • Establishing and coordinating public outreach opportunities and building relationships in the community.
  • Volunteer at local non-profit organizations to help support our community.
  • Sponsoring annual charity drive for an organization registered with the Secretary of State’s Combined Fund Drive.
  • Providing and promoting wellness opportunities for ICSEW and state employees.

Our Members

Department of Social and Health Services

I'm Allison and I work for DSHS/ESA/CSD as a Public Benefits Supervisor for the statewide Customer Service Contact Center. My team has a goal of transforming lives of Washingtonian's by determining eligibility for public assistance programs. I graduated from Eastern Washington University.

I have been apart of ICSEW for 3 years and I joined the Public Outreach Committee because I have a passion for helping people grow and achieve their goals and using their strengths.

I live in Eastern Washington with my husband, 2 Newfoundland dogs, and 2 cats. I enjoy spending my personal time making baked goods like breads and pies and being outdoors. I love laughing, watching a good drama or reality tv show, and spending time with my family.

Subcommittee members

Alyssa Woods, Healthcare Authority
Ann Bartholomew, Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
Connie Becker, Office of Administrative Hearings
Jennifer Lacey, Department of Agriculture
Joy Collins, Department of Licensing
Julie Bagley, Department of Social and Health Services
Leia Althauser, Department of Fish and Wildlife
LaToya Hermanson, Department of Licensing
Rachel August, Department of Health
Robin Rozene, Department of Veteran Affairs
Rosie Howard, Department of Licensing
Sandra Givin, Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Sequenna Fashana, Department of Natural Resources

What's Next?

The ICSEW’s Public Outreach Subcommittee has a vested interest in supporting community organizations that share the ICSEW values of wellness, advocacy, leadership, integrity, fostering growth, and empowerment. Each year, the Public Outreach Subcommittee coordinates a charitable project for a local non-profit organization or community program. Past organizations include the YWCA of Olympia’s Other Bank and SafePlace.

Due to the pandemic, Public Outreach was unable to support our community through in person events. Thankfully, in 2023, we were able to resume our participation and successfully tabled at four events to include the Public Service Recognition Week, the first Office of the Insurance Commissioner's Street Fair, and the Veterans Employee Resource Group Hiring Event at JBLM. These interactions have helped us network with other Business Resource Groups and build working relationships with other state agencies.

In the coming year, we plan to ramp up our efforts and creatively think about how we can reach not only more state agencies, but also those in our community. We are currently creating a resource packet for those entering the workforce in an effort to provide a hand up to those in need. We also are identifying underserved or non-represented agencies in an effort to expand the reach of ICSEW.

We are a group of committed individuals from eleven state agencies who bring their thoughts, ideas, and authentic selves to every interaction. They provide insight and knowledge which has helped shape Public Outreach post pandemic. We always welcome new people and have different roles and responsibilities that can meet anyone's availability.


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