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As an ICSEW member, you will work on behalf of Washington state employees, particularly women, to enact policy solutions and provide low-cost professional development opportunities.

Anyone employed by a Washington state government agency or higher education institution may serve on the ICSEW. Agencies may appoint one representative per 2,000 employees and as many alternate representatives as they choose. Check our membership roster to find out if your organization is represented in ICSEW.

As ICSEW members, we ensure all Washington state employees have fair and equal opportunities to excel in their professional lives. We believe the most impactful policy changes come from those with experience working in Washington state government agencies.

If you have a desire to empower Washington state employees in their professional and personal lives, please consider joining ICSEW.

How to Become an ICSEW Member

If you’d like to become an ICSEW representative or alternate, we recommend that you first attend one of our meetings.

Anyone may attend ICSEW meetings, regardless of sex, gender identity or employment status. Meeting notices are posted to our Facebook page and GovDelivery.

To learn more about membership, please fill out the form below. Once your form is received, our Membership Subcommittee will contact you with instructions to guide you through the appointment process.

For more information on the appointment process, please review Policy and Procedure 600.1. To learn more about the duties of ICSEW members, please review our ICSEW Membership Roles and Responsibilities Booklet.

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