Mentorship Advisory Subcommittee

Our Goal

ICSEW has teamed up with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) to form a statewide mentorship planning subcommittee. Under the leadership of DES Director Tara C. Smith, the subcommittee will develop a pathway for a statewide mentorship program operated by DES.

The goal is to establish a mentorship program open to all state employees that will support personal and professional development. Program objectives include: increase employee retention and job satisfaction, address talent shortages, share intellectual knowledge and lived experiences, build a pipeline for senior leadership across the state, create relationship building opportunities, and provide support for goal setting, career planning, and empowered problem-solving. A key program outcome will be creating an equitable work environment by leveraging diverse mentorship relationships to increase inclusion and break down barriers for marginalized groups.


What We Do

The subcommittee will serve in an advisory capacity. It will review materials and resources in support of designing a successful and sustainable statewide mentorship program.

How you can contribute:

At the Sept. 20, 2022, ICSEW General Meeting more than 40 people expressed interest in learning more about the mentorship subcommittee or participating in it.

We are seeking ICSEW members who will bring perspectives from their respective agencies, lived experiences, constructive feedback, institutional knowledge, best practices, and forward-thinking ideas to assist DES in creating a diverse, engaged and sustainable statewide mentorship program.

For more information about the subcommittee, contact Masozi Nyirenda at



In 2019-2020 ICSEW conducted a multi-agency mentorship program for ICSEW representatives. More than 40 people from a dozen state agencies participated in the pilot as mentees and mentors. Upon the conclusion of the pilot, ICSEW determined it could not sustain a statewide mentorship program on its own.

Our Members

Co-Chair | Courtney Speer

Department of Enterprise Services

Co-Chair | Masozi Nyirenda

Department of Enterprise Services

Masozi is a human resources business partner with the Department of Enterprise Services, DESPrior, she served as chief of staff to Tara C. Smith, director of DES. 

Masozi is deeply committed to celebrating Black Girl Magic. She actively uplifts and shines a spotlight on women and their allies who dedicate themselves to empowering and serving Black women and members of the LGBTQ+ communities. Within ICSEWshe is particularly passionate about driving tangible change and providing opportunities for Black women to have a voice and platform, while simultaneously supporting their success in the public service sector. 

Masozi holds bachelor’s degrees in communications and political science, as well as a law degree. Her love for travel has taken her visiting all seven continents (and living in four) visiting and exploring more than 50 countries. In addition to ICSEW, she actively participates in other Washington state Business Resource Groups.  


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