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Below are a selection of presentations and accompanying materials from past Professional Development Conferences. Not all presentations may be listed. The ICSEW is not responsible for the accuracy of content in the materials. If you have any questions or concerns about specific materials, please contact the individual presenter(s) associated with the material. If you gave a presentation at our conference and would like digital materials posted here, please send an email to

2021 Conference Materials

Will post materials when we receive them.

2019 Conference Materials

The CIO of You Main Presentation Presenter: Nicole Sorger

The CIO of You Goal Sheet Presenter: Nicole Sorger

The CIO of You How to Create a State Job Application Profile Presenter: Nicole Sorger

The CIO of You Resume Tailoring Presenter: Nicole Sorger

The CIO of You Interview Prep Tips Presenter: Nicole Sorger

The CIO of You Interview Prep Worksheet Presenter: Nicole Sorger

2018 Conference Materials

Session Two

Mindfulness at Work: Upgrade the way you live Faith Mysterial limiting-liberating beliefs  Presenters: Larisa Benson and Vicki Oyadamori

Interview Panel Resume and Interview Tips  Presenters: Krystle Jones, Ashley Harris, Betty Lochner

Navigating the State Application Process:  John Lees Hand Out and 7 ways to show emotional intelligence in a job interview

Presenter: Marra Johnson

Session Three

Culture Shift: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change,  Presenter: Betty Lochner

Values Alignment:  Values: Handout 1 and Values Handout 2  Presenter: Amy Leneker

Session Four

Live More in your Genius Zone Presenter: Sue Hollowell

Authentic Self at Work By Presenter: Amy Leneker

Session Five

Mastering the Interview and Marketing your skills Presenters: Beth Rokstad and Marra Johnson

Hall How to Connect with Our Audience  Presenter: Kyle Hall

Leading from the Inside Out: Stress, Time and Energy  Presenters: Elizabeth Fontella and Ellis Starrett

Snapped: Financial Stress Decompression: Snapped Emergency Supplies List and Emergency Financial First Aid Kit and Person Disaster Preparedness Guide Presenter: Suzanne Klenk