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Our Goal

To hold all ICSEW members accountable by maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of all individuals in our membership.

By partnering with ICSEW’s Public Outreach Subcommittee, we aim to recruit new members from all Washington state government agencies and higher education institutions, to cultivate better representation of Washington state employees.

What We Do

The Membership Subcommittee coordinates and maintains records of all ICSEW members, recruits new members and organizes membership meetings. Subcommittee members contribute up to three hours monthly, which includes the monthly online meeting.

Activities include:

  • Guiding prospective members through the appointment process.
  • Managing the orientation process for new members
  • Maintaining record of all active members, including contact information and attendance records at in-person ICSEW meetings.
  • Maintaining the ICSEW membership roster.
  • Organizing general membership meetings.
  • Greeting members and guests and assisting with the check-in process at in-person meetings and events.

Our Members

Department of Revenue

I joined ICSEW to connect with women from other Washington State agencies. Since I joined in 2017, I’ve met and worked with many amazing women. I enjoy collaborating with the Membership subcommittee members to find new ways to engage our membership as well as fulfilling our sub-committees responsibilities. I look forward to continuing working with the ICSEW board and our members.

Subcommittee Members

Danica Mitchell, Washington Student Achievement Council
Jennifer Ward, Employment Security Department
Kathryn Pittelkau, Department of Social and Health Services
Valerie Robinson, Department of Fish and Wildlife

How to Become an ICSEW Representative

If you want to empower Washington state employees to positively shape their lives, consider joining us!

Anyone employed by a Washington state government agency or higher education institution may serve on the ICSEW. Agencies may appoint one representative per 2,000 employees and as many alternate representatives as they choose. Check out our membership roster to see if your organization is already represented in ICSEW.

If you’re eligible to serve and interested in applying, please review our Represent Your Agency page.

Questions? Please contact us at


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