Membership Subcommittee


Coordinate and maintain accurate information regarding the membership of all ICSEW committee members, recruit new members, and maintains the members contact information list.


Chair: Amber Baird, Labor and Industries

Amee Bahr, Recreation and Conservation Office
Jennifer Kido, Department of Health
Valerie Robinson, WaTech- Consolidated Technology Services
Elizabeth Snyder, Public Employment Relations Commission
Ashley Blowers, Department of Agriculture
Marianne McIntosh, Department of Revenue

What We Do

  • Provide new members with orientation information
  • Maintain attendance and roster records
  • Recruit new members
  • Organize and manage general membership meetings
  • Assist with the set-up of meetings
  • Provide name tags to all members
  • Provide absence recaps to ICSEW Chair
  • Provide clear communication with members on attendance procedures
  • Provide beverage service at each meeting
  • Maintain refreshments supplies
  • Provide morning refreshments on occasion


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