Our Goal

To hold all ICSEW members accountable by maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of all individuals in our membership.

By partnering with ICSEW’s Public Outreach Subcommittee, we aim to recruit new members from all Washington state government agencies and higher education institutions, to cultivate better representation of Washington state employees.

What We Do

The Membership Subcommittee coordinates and maintains records of all ICSEW members, recruits new members and helps organize membership meetings. Subcommittee members contribute up to three hours monthly, which includes the monthly online meeting.

Activities include:

  • Guiding prospective members on joining ICSEW.
  • Welcoming and onboarding new members
  • Maintaining record of all active members, including contact information and attendance records at ICSEW meetings.
  • Maintaining the ICSEW membership roster.
  • Being a resource for members.

Our Members

Hello! My name is Jen Ward. My career in state government began in June 2020 at the Employment Security Department as an Admin Assistant 4. After 6 months, I began supporting the Commissioner’s office as an Executive Assistant until May 2023 when I became a Project Coordinator. In my current role, I’m gaining experience in Project Management by helping on different agency projects and learning a lot along the way!

I joined ICSEW in 2021 to expand my professional network, challenge myself to try something new, and to meet other women in state government. I have enjoyed ICSEW for the personal and professional development opportunities it provides, the community, and the fun! As a member of the Membership Subcommittee, I enjoy collaborating with other women to improve policies and processes that make it easier to be a part of this amazing committee. I look forward to continuing this work!


Subcommittee Members

Danica Mitchell, Washington Student Achievement Council
Siri Olson, Washington Department of Transportation

How to Become an ICSEW Member

If you want to empower Washington state employees to positively shape their lives, consider joining us!

The Governor updated the executive order reaffirming ICSEW and removing the agency appointment requirement for membership.

Joining ICSEW is now easier! Attend a meeting and complete the attendance form indicating you want to join or send us an email at


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