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Our Goal

To serve as an information source for ICSEW members, perspective ICSEW members and state employees. To communicate information about ICSEW initiatives and activities to ICSEW members and share information from other state agencies and organizations that align with ICSEW's mission and values.

What We Do

We use our communications platforms to promote ICSEW events and initiatives, share news from the Governor’s office about policies and initiatives that impact state employed women.

The communications subcommittee executes these goals through timely updates to ICSEW’s website, articles shared on ICSEW’s blog, InterAct, and social media posts, and bulletins to subscribers on our GovDelivery list. The communications subcommittee also helps coordinate communication technology during virtual meetings.

Our Members

Office of Financial Management
(360) 688-3890

1. What is your previous work experience that led you to this position?
I spent my early career working as a reporter/photographer for newspapers and radio stations in Washington state. After a layoff in 2012, I took a temporary job in community outreach for the YWCA of Olympia. I learned about the ICSEW through the YWCA, as ICSEW did an annual toiletries drive the YWCA hosts, with items collected going to low-income families in Thurston County. The work I did with the YWCA and other non-profits helped prepare me for work in Washington state government. I was hired as a communications specialist for the state of Washington in 2015, and I always knew that when I got hired with the state, I wanted to be a part of ICSEW.

2. What inspired you to become a part of the Executive Board for ICSEW?
A past supervisor was actually the chair of ICSEW and encouraged me to become a member. When an executive board position opened up, I jumped at the opportunity. Being on the board of ICSEW has pushed me to be comfortable outside my comfort zone.  As a daughter of immigrants and the first person in my family to graduate college and go on to a professional career, I’ve always looked for opportunities to help me grow. ICSEW has allowed me to grow as a leader, develop management skills and perform tasks that I would not have gotten the chance to do anywhere else. I’ve gained a lot of confidence--both from the support from my fellow ICSEW members and from the professional development training ICSEW offers.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of ICSEW I’ve also had the opportunity to share knowledge and teach media skills to subcommittee members. Seeing them grow and knowing I played a part in their growth makes me happy and proud. I also get the chance to become familiar with the work that other government agencies do to support women and families living in Washington state.

Health Care Authority 


Kristine Graham, Department of Natural Resources

Julie Hyde, Department of Health

Keri O' Connell, Department of Revenue

Julia McNamra, Recreation & Conservation Office

Brigit Miller, Department of Revenue

Meagan Renick, Washington State Patrol

Tanyah Williams, Washington State Patrol

Natashea Shove, Employment Security Department

Jennifer Stewart, Department of Revenue

Jessica Webb, Department of Revenue

Blog Submission Guidelines

ICSEW welcomes guest submissions on our blog, InterAct. Articles and photos are accepted on a rolling basis. Articles must adhere to InterAct’s submission guidelines. If your article includes photos, you must get permission from the photographer, as well as any identifiable individuals in the photos, to release images to ICSEW.

Blog submissions should be emailed to Please include “INTERACT BLOG” in the subject line.


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