Communications Subcommittee


To improve and broaden communications and act as an information clearinghouse for all state employees.


Rachel Friederich, Department of Corrections

Jasmine Pippin-Timco, Department of Licensing
Tanyah Williams, Washington State Patrol
Linda Tilson, Department of Labor & Industries
Heather Lucas, Office of the Secretary of State
Meagan Renick, Washington State Patrol
Julie Hyde, Department of Health

What we do

  • Coordinate and publish the ICSEW Blog, InterAct
  • Maintain and update the Committee’s website & social media

Blog Submission Guidelines

ICSEW welcomes submissions for its InterAct blog. Articles and photos are accepted on an ongoing basis and must adhere to the commitee’s InterAct Submission Guidelines.

Send submissions to Please include INTERACT BLOG in the subject line.