Our Goal

To facilitate the personal and professional development of Washington state-employed women through providing affordable leadership training and Washington women's networking events.

The Conference Subcommittee aims to foster a collaborative environment in which ICSEW members come together to create impactful and affordable professional development opportunities for fellow state-employed women.

What We Do

The Conference Subcommittee is responsible for planning all logistical aspects of the Professional Development Conference, an annual event that focuses on the personal and professional development of Washington state-employed women.

The Conference Subcommittee handles all components related to event-planning, such as securing a venue, negotiating and finalizing vendor contracts, scheduling speaking sessions and more. The Conference Subcommittee works in tandem with the Professional Development Committee to ensure each session is scheduled at the optimal place and time.

Our Members

Conference Subcommittee Contact

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Biography coming soon

Department of Revenue

Summer Ramos has been a tax administration manager for the Department of Revenue for the last five years. Ramos is tasked with training new staff in their 6–9-month training program. She gets to work from home with two virtual middle school and high school sons, her spouse (who is another virtual worker for the state of Washington), and a very needy Great Dane.

Teaching and encouraging others are an integral part of Ramos' career and home life. She experienced a lot of trials as a female leader throughout different jobs and roles.

Ramos passionately encourages others to lead from wherever they are. Ramos believes everyone can be a leader of inclusion, engagement, commitment and passion even when their job title doesn’t say “manager.” She is dedicated to empowering others to find a way to add their flair, personality, and interests to whatever they do. 

Learn More About Our Professional Development Conference!

Bettering the lives of Washington state-employed women includes expanding access to resources for career growth. That is why each year ICSEW welcomes 400 to 500 participants to our Professional Development Conference, an educational event offering affordable professional development opportunities.

To learn more about this event and how you can get involved (as a sponsor or a speaker), please visit our Professional Development Conference page.


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