ICSEW Chair Josefina Magana to Talk Mentorship at OFM Lunch and Learn March 3

Results from ICSEW’s Mentorship Pilot Will be Highlighted

portrait of Josefina Magana
Josefina Magana

ICSEW Chair Josefina Magana will talk about accomplishments and lessons learned from the committee’s mentorship pilot program at a virtual lunch and learn hosted by the state Office of Financial Management.

The hour-long lunch and learn, ICSEW Stands Strong in 2021: Advocating Through Mentorship will take place at noon Wednesday, March 3 via Zoom.

The ICSEW presentation is part of OFM’s virtual Lunch and Learn gatherings that will highlight the work of Washington State’s Business Resource Groups, BRGs. Meetings are one hour long on Zoom attendees will be able to participate in a live question-and-answer session.

BRGs bring together groups of employees and their allies who have a common interest or characteristic. Members bring their unique knowledge and perspectives, making them an asset to state business needs, recruitment and retention.

Magana has served on the ICSEW since 2017, most recently as the committee’s vice chair. Magana previously served as the committee’s mentorship chair, where she worked with a group of subcommittee members to launch the ICSEW’s mentorship pilot program. Under her leadership, the mentorship subcommittee built a business case, identified key stakeholders, conducted surveys, and planned the curriculum to launch the first interagency mentorship pilot program.

The pilot launched in July 2020 and had approximately 40 participants from different stage agencies. Magana will share some key points the ICSEW learned while launching the project, and how ICSEW is working with partners to create a statewide mentorship program for all state employees.

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About Josefina Magana

Josefina Magana is a manager of safety and health projects at the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

She describes herself as “a passionate leader who motivates and empowers people to find their true talents and become effective agents of positive change.” Professional development, finding ways to acquire knowledge and being innovative have always been at the forefront of her personal and professional career.

Magana has a master’s degree in international relations from the Brussels School of International Studies and a bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University, where she studied Spanish and Sociology. After graduating from Western, Magana pioneered bilingual programs in Spain that allowed students to learn English as a second language.

Magana was a 2020 Leadership Thurston County program participant and is a member of the Washington State Career Development Association

About ICSEW:

The Interagency Committee of State Employed Women, ICSEW is made up of governor-appointed state-employees from various agencies. The ICSEW seeks to better the lives of state employees through advocacy, outreach, opportunity, and by advising the Governor and agencies on policies that affect state-employed women.

Mission: To better the lives of state employees by advising the Governor and agencies on policies that affect state-employed women.

Vision: Enriching lives through advocacy, outreach, and opportunity.

For more information about the ICSEW, visit, https://icsew.wa.gov.

To learn about Washington’s various Business Resource Groups, please visit https://ofm.wa.gov/state-human-resources/workforce-diversity-equity-and-inclusion/statewide-business-resource-groups

Advocating through Mentorship

Recap of the first meeting of the ICSEW’s mentorship program

By Josefina Magana, ICSEW Mentorship Chair

computer screen
Participants in the ICSEW’s mentorhsip pilot meet for the first time virtually July 22 and 28. Photo by Josefina Magana

The ICSEW’s Mentorship Subcommittee has officially launched its first-ever Mentorship Pilot Program!

More than 40 people from more than a dozen state agencies are participating. The subcommittee led the first orientation sessions July 22 and July 28. They were a success. Participants who attended the day’s online session learned about the ICSEW Interagency Mentorship Pilot Program, discussed roles and responsibilities of pilot participants, and gained valuable resources for a successful mentoring relationship. The orientation was held virtually and participants were able to break out into groups to ask questions while sharing thoughts or concerns they might have as this endeavor gets going.

The first orientation session was informative and interactive with participants highlighting the importance of this endeavor as well as being ready to get started.

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” Steven Spielberg


Information about the ICSEWs’ mentorship pilot, including meeting schedules and participant handbook can be found on the ICSEW’s mentorship pilot program page.

ICSEW Recruiting Participants for Mentorship Pilot Program

two women of color talking at a table
photo courtesy of Unsplash.com

The ICSEW is recruiting participants for its mentorship pilot program!

We’re looking for up to 40 people who want to serve as mentors and/or want to be mentees. The program’s official launch is May 21. Applications for mentors and mentees will be taken through March 11.

Note: If you want to be both a mentor and mentee or are interested in serving in either role, please fill out both forms.

Mentee Application Form

Mentor Application Form

Mentees will have an opportunity to:

  • get one-on-one support, motivation and role modeling
  • get advice on career exploration, personal and professional goal-setting,
  • strengthen networking contacts

Mentors will get a chance to:

  • Develop their leadership skills
  • Receive recognition for their legacy of personal knowledge, insights, and experience
  • Share in the growth of the mentee
  • Have an opportunity to explore their own philosophies and expertise.
  • For the State of Washington:
  • Pass on knowledge, skills, and confidence
  • Help employees step into leadership roles and bring more value to the organization
  • Provides for a recruiting tool
  • Improves retention of a high-performing workforce

Mentees and mentors will be paired for six months. Throughout the duration, mentors and mentees will meet regularly, at intervals they deem appropriate to discuss predetermined goals.

All participants will be required to attend three group meetings with program organizers to receive information and to give program feedback.

Visit the ICSEW’s Mentorship Pilot Program webpage for more information.

QUESTIONS? Contact Stacy Hiatt at stacy.hiatt@oah.wa.gov or (360)-407-2773.