Professional Development Conference Speaker: Khurshida Begum

Khurshida Begum

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Dealing with Trauma in the Workplace

Life Happens. Tragedy strikes. Trauma hits. Now what? After surviving a disaster, we must continue to work and provide a home and food for our loved ones. But how do we still show up at work as “normal” human beings? How do we communicate the struggles we’re going through?  What do we need from our co-workers and managers to support and deal with our trauma?

Khurshida will share her stories of the traumas she experienced as a corporate professional and the tools and secrets she learned and utilized as she continued to climb the ladder of success professionally and personally. 

Khurshida Begum

Khurshida Begum is an authentic and powerful speaker who adapts her life experiences into insightful and engaging presentations. Khurshida is the president for ASHHO, SPC, a social purpose corporation that provides professional speaking, training and catering services. ASHHO, means to “come” in her native language, signifying that all people should come join because all people matter.

As a human rights advocate and social justice activist, Khurshida has been honored for tirelessly educating and inspiring people to confront and combat human trafficking and other forms of human exploitation. Khurshida wants to remind and encourage the humanity in us all, each day in every encounter we have with each other.

Khurshida is a graduate from The Evergreen State College. She studied ways to build resilient communities and meaningful ways to make change happen. She has been speaking publicly since the sixth grade, and professionally since 2009. Recognized for being vulnerable and brave, Khurshida has been a keynote speaker and presenter at numerous conferences, colleges, K-12 schools, faith-based groups, corporations and organizations throughout the U.S, Bangladesh, Egypt and Morocco.