January Meeting Recap

  • Gwen Voelpel from Integris Performance Advisors gave tips on how to become a more effective leader by encouraging us to align our actions with our values which leads us to be more authentic and credible. Participants assessed their personality traits using DiSC model. Once participants categorized their prominent traits (Dominant, Influential Steady Conscientious,) Vopel highlighted ways for us to hone our individual styles to build a more cohesive team in the workplace.
woman standing in front of screen in classroom
Gwen Voelpel
Woman pointing to screen in classroom
Elisa Law from the Washington State Historical Society gives an overview of plans for events related to the centennial of women’s suffrage.

Votes for Women Centennial grants will be available to fund non-profits and public entities to support programming that celebrates the national suffrage centennial across the State of Washington. The grants will fund programming that will take place in 2020. Grant applications are available here.

A curriculum will be launched in the summer of 2019 for schools and community groups to use. An in-house exhibit in the history museum will be on going along with traveling exhibits throughout the state. A large celebration is planned in Olympia during August 2020. There are many more ways to celebrate this historic event with information available at www.suffrage100wa.com and www.washingtonhistory.org/research/whc/milestones/centennial/ .

man standing at podium alongside posture slides on scren
Dr. Jaron Banks goes over some exercises to improve posture
  • Jaron Banks, of the Russell Chiropractic Center in Tumwater discussed the importance of posture while sitting at your desk.   He explained the need to get up and move from time to time and shared corrective stretching exercises that can be done in your office or cubicle.

November Meeting Recap

woman standing behind a podium
Michelle Gonzalez

We had several presentations that supported the committee’s values of Leadership, Integrity, Fostering growth, Empowerment, Well-being, and Advocacy. The following is a short summary of the presentations of our distinguished guests.

As always, you can view the meeting minutes and supporting materials on our meetings page.

Director of the Washington State Women’s Commission Michelle Gonzalez gave a brief update on priorities of its three committees. These include:

  • a centennial celebration in collaboration with the Washington Historical Society to mark making the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote.
  • economic opportunity
  • sexual harassment and gender based violent

Gonzalez also gave a tour of the commission’s website.

Debbie Baker from the Department of Revenue gave an overview of  the Paid Family Medical Leave Act. Contributions from employers and employees will start in 2019 for employee use in 2020.

Woman standing between a podium and screen
Debbie Baker

Cheri Randich from the Legislative Information Center gave an overview of the state legislative website, which included tutorials on how to find bill histories and reports.

Eileen Yoshina from the Puget Sound Education Service District gave tips on how to promote racial equity in the workplace and other areas. Yoshina said not to get discouraged if progress seems slow. She noted there are no “quick fixes” to race and race relations, but it’s important to stay engaged in the conversation.

Eileen Yoshina

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler also talked about health care reform in Washington state.

Man standing at a podium
Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler


July 18th is our annual Transition Meeting- Register NOW!!!

Our HUGE transition meeting is next Tuesday, and we need to know if you are able to attend or not.  If you plan on attending, we need you to  RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/icsew-transition-general-membership-meeting-july-18-2017-registration-35414799619 by July 11.

If you cannot attend, please email Jeni Kido at jennifer.kido@doh.wa.gov and let her know you are NOT attending.

Why is this meeting important?

We have members leaving us and new members coming on.  This is such an exciting time to reflect on what we have accomplished and where we plan on going in the future, all aligning with our mission and vision.  We need you to be there so you can join in on our successes.

And did I mention we are giving out awards to some AMAZING members…which could be YOU! We are not announcing award winners in advance so we really need YOU there!

Invite your director. Invite your supervisor. Invite your coworkers. Make sure they RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/icsew-transition-general-membership-meeting-july-18-2017-registration-35414799619 by July 11.

You must have a ticket for entry. Whether you are a representative, an alternate, a board member or a guest…you all need to RSVP.  Your RSVP is important because we need to know:

  • Are you a guest?
  • Are you staying on as a representative or alternate?
  • Are you changing roles, moving from an alternate to representative?
  • If leaving or changing roles…who is replacing you, contact details including email?
  • Accurate numbers for catering, set-up, and printing!

We look forward to seeing YOU!

Committee Action Needed by January 17: Review and Vote on Updated Policies and Procedures

Please review the revised policies and procedures for the Committee.  The updated policies and procedures have been combined into one file below.

Adobe PDF Documentupdated-policies-combined.pdf

Once you have reviewed, please go complete the survey monkey to submit your comment and vote.

We ask that you do this prior to our January 17th general membership meeting.