What does it mean to be a member of ICSEW? 

What does it mean to be a member of ICSEW? 

By Jennifer Ward (Employment Security Department), ICSEW Membership subcommittee 

ICSEW was created to provide space and resources to improve the lives of Washington state-employed women through advocacy, outreach, and opportunity. Through collaboration, state agencies drive policy changes in laws and programs related to education, career development, employment, and training. 

As a member of ICSEW, you are empowered to support these impactful changes by participating in one of seven subcommittees - Communications, Conference, Legislative & Policy, Membership, Mentorship Advisory Committee, Professional Development, and Public Outreach. 

Here’s what some of our members have said about their experience with ICSEW:  

“After I became a member, I was encouraged to join a subcommittee. I volunteered for the ICSEW Mentorship Advisory subcommittee. Mentorship is important to me because I believe in the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy. In my personal and professional life, I have sought out and connected with people in areas that I want to learn or improve. My career as a state employee would not be possible without mentors, and I look forward to assisting other state employees in taking advantage of the benefits of mentoring.” 

--Te Y. Department of Health 

My experience with ICSEW has been outstanding. I joined the Legislative and Policy Committee last June when I started working for DFW. I chose this committee because I’m an immigrant and wanted to learn more about policy and the legislature. Leslie and Keri have been fabulous. They have always been extremely professional, patient and kind. I am learning a lot by supporting the subcommittee and love the networking! I’m so grateful for all the hard work and time all of you devote to ICSEW and us! 

-Veronica H., Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife 

We want to make joining ICSEW even easier!  

Our goal is to make the process to join ICSEW easier than ever! To streamline it, the Membership subcommittee is partnering with the ICSEW executive board to update our membership process. Once we update the process we’ll coordinate with the Public Outreach and Communications subcommittees to help spread the word. ICSEW is open to everyone, regardless of gender or employment status, and we want to ensure every Washington state agency is represented! We’ll share more information when available. Stay tuned.