Women’s History Month Virtual Backgrounds

Women's History Month Virtual Backgrounds

March 1 marks the beginning of Women’s History Month. ICSEW is pleased to announce the winners of our Women’s History Month virtual background contest.  

We had six wonderful submissions. The ICSEW communications subcommittee members selected their favorite designs.

Congratulations to Julie Hyde from the Department of Health and Rebecca LaMar from the Washington State Health Care Authority!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Please enjoy these virtual backgrounds to use during your meetings throughout the month.

Simply right click on the image to save them. These will also be posted to our blog.

women's history month virtual background option 2: collage of women of with different colored skin tones and hair color beside ICSEW logo and words March is Women's History Month
women's history month virtual background option 1: ICSEW logo and silhouettes of 3 momem