ICSEW is Recruiting a New Executive Chair

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The ICSEW is recruiting for a new executive chair.

As executive chair of the ICSEW, you will have the opportunity to use your leadership skills to guide a dynamic committee made up of diverse state employees.

Responsibilities include presiding over general membership and executive board meetings, communicate recommendations to the governor, appoint positions to the ICSEW executive board, serve a designated spokesperson for ICSEW in public forums and provide other duties as needed.

The ICSEW’s mission is to better the lives of state employees by advising the governor and agencies on polices that affect state-employed women. Its vision is enriching lives through advocacy, outreach and opportunity. The major focus of the ICSEW to identify and advocate issues faced by state-employed women. As chair, you will be supporting the work of eight subcommittees that work on projects related to the ICSEW values of wellbeing, advocacy, leadership, integrity, fostering growth and empowerment.

How to Apply

The position of ICSEW executive chair is appointed by the governor. The term will begin in January of 2021. The executive chair serves at the pleasure of the governor, and does not have a term limit.

To apply for the executive chair position, you must complete the online application.  Applications are due by close of business Dec. 21.

People of all backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to apply. Support and training will be provided.

Applicants must be ICSEW representatives or alternate representatives in good standing.