The ICSEW is hosting TWO Virtual Workshops August 4

Inclusive Presence, Effective Visuals in During Virtual Meetings Among Topics

The ICSEW will be hosting two virtual professional development workshops from 8:30 a.m. to noon on  Tuesday, Aug 4.
The workshops, How to Use Visuals to Increase Engagement During Virtual Meetings, followed by The Power of Inclusive Presence, will be accessible via Zoom and Facebook Live. Note: Zoom attendance is limited to 300 and available by registering through Eventbrite. If the event is sold out on Eventbrite, please view on Facebook Live.
Register for the training through Eventbrite here.
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Presentation 1: How to Use Visuals to Engage Virtual Meeting Participants

In the wake of COVID-19 while physical distancing measures prevent in person gatherings, virtual meetings have become the norm.
Perhaps you’ve thought, just because technology makes virtual meetings possible, it doesn’t mean it makes them easier or better.
 Join professional visual facilitator, Lisa Arora, to learn how when the meeting must go on, you can use visual communication to increase engagement and improve the experience in virtual meetings.
In this workshop, you’ll explore common challenges in engaging participants in video conference meetings. She’ll get you thinking about the role visuals can play before, during and after your virtual gathering and leave you with tips, tools and practical strategies for delivering a better virtual event with the use of interactive visual communication.
About the Presenter:

portrait of LIsa Arora

Lisa Arora

Lisa Arora is a professional visual facilitator and mediator. For 12 years, she has served public sector, corporate and non-profit clients around the globe. She has hundreds and hundreds of visual meetings under her belt that span all industries, most of these in healthcare.
Arora’s specialties include: community consultations, public dialogue and cross-sector collaborations, executive strategy sessions, board retreats, strategic visioning sessions, scenario planning, teambuilding and performance improvement initiatives, and ideation and process improvement projects
Arora also speaks about visual methods at dispute resolution conferences and is the creator of Big Beginnings in Visual Mediation, the world’s first online program that teaches mediators online how to leverage the power of visuals to resolve disputes faster and easier. Arora has authored three  industry best practices eGuides and guest authored chapters in two anthologies on visual facilitation.

Presentation 2: The Power of Inclusive Presence 

As we wake up and become more aware of equity and the vastly different experiences and levels of access in our workplaces and in society, you may find yourself experiencing a wide range of uncomfortable feelings: frustration, despair, excitement or awkwardness. Are you holding back your full and authentic self out of fear or uncertainty? Learn simple embodied practices to become more grounded and confident enough to take risks, speak your truth and make authentic connections.
About the Presenter:
Larisa Benson
Larisa Benson is the host of The Government Joy Network, a movement of civic leaders transforming governance from the inside out.  After a full career of exercising creative innovation in senior positions from inside the halls of government, Benson began teaching in a compassionate leadership program that was born inside Google and is now a global nonprofit leadership institute.
Benson weaves together leadership presencing practices, human centered design thinking and the latest neuroscientific research about othering, being and belonging in different communities. Serving as faculty in the University of Washington’s Executive MPA and Lean Six-Sigma certification programs has granted her the honor of teaching and mentoring hundreds of leaders throughout the region. She can often be found wandering forest trails and rivers on the homelands of the Nisqually and other Coast Salish peoples in the Pacific Northwest.