Bill Alert: SB 6110

2-16-18 ICSEW-Bill-alert-6110
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ICSEW BILL ALERT SB 6110: Prohibition employers from asking about arrests of convictions before an applicant is determined otherwise qualified for a position.

Link to the bill: SB 6110

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*Feb 6 Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means at 10:00 AM, WM – Majority; 1st substitute bill be substituted, do pass, Minority; do not pass, Passed to Rules Committee for second reading. * (Accessed on February 14, 2018)
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Individuals interested in bills related to employment.2-16-18 ICSEW-Bill-alert-61102-16-18 ICSEW-Bill-alert-6110

  • Establishes the Washington fair chance act.
  • Prohibits an employer from including any question on an application for employment, from inquiring either orally or in writing, from receiving information through a criminal history background check, or from otherwise obtaining information about an applicant’s criminal record until after the employer initially determines that the applicant is otherwise qualified for the position.
  • Requires the state attorney general’s office to enforce this act.
  • Provides that this act is null and void if appropriations are not approved.

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