Dawn Mason

Dawn Mason was born July 2, 1945, the youngest of three daughters, she received her BA in 1989 from The Evergreen State College and earned her M.Ed. from Antioch University in 2002. Dedicated to education she became the co-founder of Parent for Student Success in 1989. She served as the president of First Place serving the education needs of homeless children. Dr. Mason served two terms between 1995-1999 as the representative for the 37th District. Dr. Mason served as the Assistant Minority Whip and, the Ranking Chair of the Higher Education Committee. In 1996, Dr. Mason won the Legislator of the Year Award for leadership in accessing higher education for all students. Dr. Mason served as the co-founder of Parents for Student Success, an Emeritus Board member of the University of Washington Business Economic Center, and worked with First Place. She continues to show her dedication of students and members of her community.