Carrie Shumway
Carrie Shumway born September 7, 1858 in Massachusetts and moved to Skagit in 1883 and Seattle in 1888. Ms. Shumway graduated from Mount Holyoke College, a rare achievement for women of the time. As a school teacher, she worked at T.T. Minor Grad School, Seattle High School, becoming Vice Principal, and helped establish Tacoma’s first high school. From 1908 – 1910, Ms. Shumway taught English in Tokyo and upon her return she became involved with a wide range of community organizations. She served as the State Historian for the Daughters of the American Revolution, founded the Seattle Bicycle Club, and the Seattle Camera Club. In 1911, Carrie Shumway became the first woman elected to the Kirkland City Council. Ms. Shumway lived to 97, showing that serving your community is a way to longevity.