Meeting Recap: GROW, Census Topics at September 2019 Meeting

Story and Photos by Rachel Friederich, ICSEW Commununications Chair

TUMWATER—Representatives from Thrive at Work, LLC taught attendees at the ICSEW’s Sept. 17 meeting some tips on how to realize their goals and offered some insightful tips on how to overcome barriers those goals using the GROW process.

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GROW is an acronym that describes four stages of the goal setting process.

  1. Goal: Figure out what you want to accomplish
  2. Reality check: Look at you goal and think about its real impacts on your life. What are the existing pros and cons to reaching your goal?
  3. Options: What are potential ways to move forward (this is where you list as many possible action steps you could take to move towards the goal)
  4. Way forward. Pick an option and commit to action

John Utter and Damon Drown, also gave participants a set of tips and questions to ask themselves at each stage of the GROW process.

For example, during the Goal stage, make sure it’s SMART. (Simple, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-Bound) Is your goal too complex? How will you know when you’ve reached your goal?

During the Reality check stage, ask things like: What resources do you have to reach your goal? What are some of the barriers keeping you from reaching your goal?

Options stage: What ways has your situation been handled successfully/unsuccessfully before? Who might be an ally to help you reach your goal?

Way forward stage: What actions can you commit to? When are you going to take these steps?

Click here for the complete set of GROW questions.

Census 2020


Lisa McLean, a coordinator for the Complete Count Committee gave an overview of the 2020 census.

The Federal government does a census every ten years. It’s meant to give government a “point-in-time” look at the demographics that make up America. The data collected can be used to distribute political power by redrawing electoral boundaries; distribute federal and state funds for things like health care, education, highway and rural programs assistance; infrastructure planning and to inform decision-making of businesses, non-profits and philanthropic organizations.

McLean also talked about when the census would be mailed out and the overall questionnaire structure. McLean also talked about what the US Census Bureau does to reach people who can’t be reached via mail to a physical home address. For example, homeless populations, and people with PO Boxes and people who do not respond to the census. The Census Bureau has workers who go door-to-door to help these populations complete the census.

The Office of Financial Management has also compiled a list of links about the 2020 Census:

The PowerPoint presentation and handouts from the GROW process training will be posted with the meeting minutes.


Learn to GROW at ICSEW Sept. 2019 Meeting


By Jasmine Pippin-Timco, Department of Licensing

TUMWATER–Accomplishing goals will be the topic at the ICSEW’s Sept. 17 meeting. 

Everyone has goals they want to accomplish, personal and professional ones.

Thrive at Work Olympia Career Consultants John Utter and Damon Drown will lead a discussion on how to effectively set and accomplish goals during the meeting.

The meeting takes place from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Washington State Department of Corrections’ Headquarters building (the Edna Lucille Goodrich building), 7345 Linderson Way SW in Tumwater. All regular ICSEW meetings are free and open to anyone, regardless of gender or employment status. An hour-long ICSEW executive board meeting immediately follows the regular meeting, which is also open for attendees to observe.

Participants will  learn how to bring the best out in themselves and others using the G.R.O.W. process! This is a simple and memorable way to help yourself and others accomplish important goals in almost any situation. Everyonewill receive a full-color “Help People G.R.O.W.” poster they can hang in their work area as a handy reminder.

This introductory course is highly interactive and will allow participants to clarify their own goals and how to attain them while in class

This is a catered meeting and and RSVP is required. Please click the link to register for the meeting on EventBrite.

At all our meetings we encourage ICSEW members to bring guests. It is a great opportunity for giving future representatives, alternates and interested individuals a first-hand look at how ICSEW helps better the lives of state employees.

Parking is limited. We encourage carpooling or utilizing the Mountain View Church parking lot which is located at the corner of Linderson Way and Israel Road. Please make sure to have photo ID with you at check-in.

About the Presenters:

John Utter

John has been a provider of career and wellness solutions for more than 20 years as a consultant for government agencies, private businesses and individuals. His work has been recognized by Al Gore’s National Performance Review and by Washington State Government for excellence.

He was most recently part of the award-winning Wellness 360 team that serves employees of the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. Before his coaching career, John was a recording artist with Bounce the Ocean on the Private Music/BMG label.

Damon Drown

Damon Drown

Damon holds a doctorate degree in Organizational/Industrial Psychology. He brings a vast amount of knowledge about leadership he gained through academia and from the top companies in the world. He was in charge of leadership evaluation at Microsoft before leaving to join Thrive At Work.

Before Microsoft he served at Amazon on their research team. Damon is leading the Thrive at Work effort with his colleagues to create a leadership model that is non-biased across culture, gender, and age. Damon has also studied creativity and humor in the workplace.