Professional Development Conference Speaker: Eileen Yoshina

Eileen Yoshina

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Bridging the Gap Between Us to Create an Inclusive Women’s Movement

Historically, advocacy for women’s rights has been exclusive of women of color, LGBTQ+ women and women with other marginalized identities. Join us for an interactive discussion about what we share and what we need to understand about one another in order to create powerful coalitions of diverse women from all backgrounds.

Eileen Yoshina

Eileen Yoshina is fourth-generation Japanese American and also the descendant of Irish ancestors. She is currently a Manager of Equity in Education Services at the Puget Sound Educational Service District, whose mission is “Eliminating the Opportunity Gap and Success for Each Child by Leading with Racial Equity.” This works has given her the chance to work on dismantling systemic racism in our school systems in regions throughout the state of Washington.

Eileen facilitates the Educators of Color Leadership Community, a project created by teachers of color for teachers of color. It works to support and nourish our educators of color for the sake of all students.

Eileen is a career educator who has taught, advised, facilitated and organized  for equity in education in the K-12 and higher education systems for nearly 25 years. Eileen is the daughter and wife of public school teachers and the proud mom of two public school students, one of whom is now in college.

November Meeting Recap

woman standing behind a podium
Michelle Gonzalez

We had several presentations that supported the committee’s values of Leadership, Integrity, Fostering growth, Empowerment, Well-being, and Advocacy. The following is a short summary of the presentations of our distinguished guests.

As always, you can view the meeting minutes and supporting materials on our meetings page.

Director of the Washington State Women’s Commission Michelle Gonzalez gave a brief update on priorities of its three committees. These include:

  • a centennial celebration in collaboration with the Washington Historical Society to mark making the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote.
  • economic opportunity
  • sexual harassment and gender based violent

Gonzalez also gave a tour of the commission’s website.

Debbie Baker from the Department of Revenue gave an overview of  the Paid Family Medical Leave Act. Contributions from employers and employees will start in 2019 for employee use in 2020.

Woman standing between a podium and screen
Debbie Baker

Cheri Randich from the Legislative Information Center gave an overview of the state legislative website, which included tutorials on how to find bill histories and reports.

Eileen Yoshina from the Puget Sound Education Service District gave tips on how to promote racial equity in the workplace and other areas. Yoshina said not to get discouraged if progress seems slow. She noted there are no “quick fixes” to race and race relations, but it’s important to stay engaged in the conversation.

Eileen Yoshina

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler also talked about health care reform in Washington state.

Man standing at a podium
Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler