Communications: Provides communication to state-employed women by publishing the InterAct newsletter and maintaining the Committee’s website.

Conference: Responsible for all aspects of planning and executing our ICSEW Leadership conferences.

Health and Wellness: Researches and provides information through the InterAct on workshops regarding health and wellness issues affecting state-employed women, and conducts the annual ICSEW Health Fair.

Legislative and Policy: Improves the lives of state-employed women by making policy recommendations to the Governor and state agencies with respect to desirable changes in programs and laws especially in the area of education, training, career development, and other conditions of employment.

Membership: Coordinates current membership information, fill(s) vacancies, and organize(s) general membership meetings.

Professional Development: Provides information through articles and sponsoring a general membership meeting focused on professional development. Provides educational opportunities to state-employed women through the organization of workshops, free brown bags, and training courses.

Public Outreach: Supports our community and the people of Washington State by organizing and running drives and events such as our clothing and toiletries drives. Createsand manages an effective fund development framework that is thoughtful, strategic, and sustainable while pursuing the funding authority provided by Executive Order 06.01Adobe PDF Document.