Communications: Provides communication to state-employed women by publishing relevant information in paper form, on our website and other social media outlets.

Conference: Responsible for all aspects of planning and executing our Annual Professional Development Conference.

Legislative and Policy: Improves the lives of state-employed women by making policy recommendations to the Governor and state agencies with respect to desirable changes in programs and laws especially in the area of education, training, career development, and other conditions of employment. Researches and share information through our blog.

Membership: Coordinates current membership information, fill(s) vacancies, and organize(s) meetings.

Mentorship: Develop a mentorship program that develops unique relationships outside of the supervisory chain of command with the purpose of growing, broadening, and strengthening personal and professional skills and knowledge.  A goal of this statewide mentorship program would utilize the skills that government workers already bring to state service to better the lives of all state employees by promoting growth, and celebrating public service careers.

Professional Development: Provides educational opportunities to state-employed women through the organization of workshops and training during meetings and events. Researches and shares information through our blog.

Public Outreach: Supports our community and the people of Washington State by organizing and running our annual Toiletries Drive. Creates and manages an effective fund development framework that is thoughtful, strategic, and sustainable while pursuing the funding authority provided by Executive Order 06.01Adobe PDF Document.  Researches and shares information through our blog.

Partnerships: Collaborates with various business resource groups and other organizations to advance the ICSEW’s mission and support the many intersections among state employed women.