Bill Alert HB 2138

Promoting Outdoor Learning in State Parks.

If passed, this bill will:

  • Require the Parks and Recreation Commission (Commission) to consider design elements that support outdoor learning when developing certain capital projects.
  • Require the Commission to assist with coordinating outdoor education events in state parks.
  • Require the Commission to conduct a survey of facilities within state parks that may be used for outdoor educational purposes.

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As part of its work, the ICSEW Legislative and Policy subcommittee provides Bill Alerts during the current legislative cycle. Its purpose is to inform state employees of pending legislation that may impact them.

As state employees, we cannot use state time or resources to lobby for or against legislative proposals in accordance with RCW 
42.52.160 and RCW 42.52.180, laws concerning ethics in public service and use of public resources for political campaigns.

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