Bill Alert HB 1934

Establishing an artificial intelligence task force.

The legislature finds that artificial intelligence is a fast-evolving technology that holds extraordinary potential and has a myriad of uses for both the public and private sectors. When artificial intelligence is used irresponsibly, it has the potential to further perpetuate bias and harm to historically excluded groups, as demonstrated by previous innovations like facial recognition technology. Artificial intelligence has the potential to provide great benefits to people if used well and to cause great harm if used irresponsibly. The federal government has not yet enacted meaningful regulations or oversight into generative artificial intelligence and to date the industry has self-regulated.

If passed:

  • The task force will be designated to examine the development and use of generative artificial intelligence by private and public sector entities and make recommendations to the legislature regarding standards for the use and regulation of generative artificial intelligence systems to protect Washingtonians' safety, privacy, civil and intellectual property rights.
  • The task force will hold its first meeting by December 31, 2024, and must meet at least twice each year. The task force must submit an interim report to the governor and the appropriate committees of the legislature detailing its findings and recommendations by December 1, 2025, and a final report by June 1, 2027. Companion Bill: SB 5838

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