Learn about the legislature with us

Washington state capitol campus


Understanding how our state’s legislature works can seem intimidating. It’s filled with complex terms and processes that can make anyone’s head spin!

ICSEW is hosting a free legislative training with the Legislative Information Center at 11 a.m. Tues. Dec. 20. They'll explain how the legislature works in simple terms to help you know what’s going on during session.

How to Attend

No registration required. Simply click here when the training starts.

What will be covered

This class is an in-depth view of the bi-cameral legislative system, how it’s organized, and how a bill becomes law. We’ll learn:

  • A detailed review of how a bill gets introduced and who can introduce it
  • Standing committee proceedings and actions
  • Rules committee proceeding and actions
  • The amendment process
  • Activities in the opposite house dispute and concurrence resolution
  • The governor's actions and veto powers