Women’s Equality Day 2022

Today is #Women’sEqualityDay. We’ve made some progress, but we have not yet achieved true gender equity. Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972, but it is not protected by the US Constitution. And earlier this year, SCOTUS reversed Roe v. Wade, which gave states authority to restrict rights to abortion.

We’ve put together a few articles written by experts on the history of Women’s Equality in the US, and some resources from the Washington State Women’s Commission on its work to improve the life of very woman by equitable opportunities and removing systemic barriers through engagement, advocacy, and public policy, while being inclusive of our diverse populations.

Why the fight over the Equal Rights Amendment has lasted nearly a century:


Interview with a WSU professor on what the US needs to create gender equity:


Presidential Proclamation

Presidential Proclamation on Women’s Equality Day 2022

Washington State Women’s Commission Resources:

The commission has a variety of tips and links to organizations addressing issues related to domestic violence, harassment and sexual assault, human trafficking, mental health care, child care, medical care and more https://wswc.wa.gov/resources They also have a section on describing the work the committee has done on their priorities including economic opportunity, economic security, safety and health.

The women’s commission is also taking volunteer applications to serve on its committees or to serve in other ways.