The Legislature Passed the Fair Start for Kids Act. Here’s What This Means for You  

By Stephanie Goedecke, Employment Security Department  

As part of its work, the ICSEW Legislative and Policy subcommittee provides Bill Alerts during the current legislative cycle. Its purpose is to inform state employees of pending legislation that may impact them. The legislative and policy subcommittee also strives to provide updates on the status of bills flagged under ICSEW Bill Alerts after the current legislative session has ended. 

 As state employees, we cannot use state time or resources to lobby for or against legislative proposals in accordance with RCW 42.52.160 and RCW 42.52.180, laws concerning ethics in public service and use of public resources for political campaigns. 

ICSEW asks that you share opinions in an ethical way, using your own personal time, phone, computers, devices and resources. You can search for and find information on all of the state’s bills on the Washington State Legislature’s website. 

The Washington State Legislature passed SB 5237, also known as the Fair Start for Kids Act.   

The Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families reports the passage of the new law is intended to make childcare more accessible and affordable for all families in Washington State. 

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ICSEW tracked this bill because child development experts say the availability of high-quality childcare and education are critical to a child’s success. Moreover, experts say access to childcare can also enable financial stability opportunities for parents. 

As a result, the new legislation will: 

  • Strengthen childcare programs by expanding access to support services, mental health consultations, dual language supports, complex needs funding and more. 
  • Grow recruitment and retention for child are businesses by increasing subsidy rates, expanding access to health insurance for providers and providing resources for professional development and scholarships. 

Some of this legislation’s key dates are: 

table with dates of legislation