Serve Washington Offering Free Training and Technical Assistance Workshops for Volunteer Programs

image of training and technical assitance flyer with schedule

OLYMPIA—Serve Washington is hosting a series of free training and technical assistance workshops. The workshops, which take place virtually throughout 2022, are free and open to anyone, though most topics are geared toward people who work or serve at organizations that have robust volunteer programs.

Topics covered will include tips on recruiting and retaining a diverse volunteer pool, telling your non-profit organization’s story to increase donor engagement and grow funding sources, effective ways to engage volunteers and emergency preparedness for yourself and family members.

All sessions will take place via Zoom and advance registration is required. After registering, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to join each session.

Click on the session titles below to view a full session description and registration link.

March 3Telling Your nonprofit’s Story to Strengthen Fund Development

Your nonprofit story is much more than jargon and numbers. A great story engages emotions, triggers imagination and can spark creativity. By the end of this training, you’ll be able to reexamine fundraising practices though an equity lens, identify components of a powerful non-profit story, systemically acquire new volunteers and supporters and diversify revenue streams.

April 12Six Tips for More Inclusive Volunteerism

As leaders in the nonprofit space, we have a unique opportunity to break down barriers and help connect communities from all walks of life to engage in a shared purpose. In this training, we will share simple ways to maintain an equitable volunteer program that cultivates a healthier, more level playing field for all. Join us and learn how you can meet the moment and build at stronger, more diverse team where everyone wins.

April 19 Volunteer Retention: What the Research Says and What you Should do About it

The “revolving door syndrome” is what happens when volunteers consistently leave a program because they aren’t satisfied.

In this workshop we’ll look at research about what volunteers say inspires them, keeps them committed and what pitfalls lead to higher turnover. We’ll boil it down to plain language, so you can use hard evidence to support your decisions around how to best support your volunteers.

April 26 Volunteer Supervision Fundamentals: Leading Volunteers for Less Stress & Greater Teamwork

Volunteers want to be equal partners in your mission delivery. At the same time, they need to do so within the limits of your organization’s policies. In this training, you will learn practical tactics to help you foster a committed, enthusiastic volunteer workforce that helps you save time and meet your goals.

You’ll learn how to leverage volunteers’ talent effectively by better matching them with tasks, delegate tasks effectively and boost accountability with individual appreciation and confirming feedback.

June 22 - A People-centered Approach to Engaging Volunteers

When we take a “people-centered” approach to engaging volunteers, we can dramatically increase our impact.  This webinar will explore what it means to take a people-centered approach, from recruitment and screening through support and recognition, while also sharing potential pitfalls to avoid.

Participants will receive tools to help partner with volunteers to map out personalized “career paths” and leave inspired to align volunteers’ interests and skills with your organization’s strategic priorities.

September 13 -Family and Personal Preparedness in the Pacific Northwest

In recognition of National Emergency Preparedness Month, experts with the Washington State Emergency Management Division will give an overview of local hazards pertaining to the Pacific Northwest. You'll get tips on making an emergency plan, building a kit, storing supplies and more to make sure you, your family and your neighbors are prepared before a disaster strikes.