Spread the Wealth: Financial Literacy Resources Available to the Public

Editor’s note this article originally appeared in the Latino Leadership Network’s newsletter
The Office of the State Treasurer assists residents who would like information about personal finances. Several agencies and organizations in Washington State work together toward a common goal of increasing access to financial education and the empowerment of every community member to make wise money decisions. You can help, too, by sharing this information with your staff, clients, and community stakeholders.
The Office of the State Treasurer hosts special events and seminars throughout the state for students and residents to learn about managing their personal finances.

What to share

Online resources on money skills, budgeting and more in English and Spanish
Download and share a flyer
To request a financial education presentation for a group, or to learn more about workshops and training opportunities, call 360-902-9018 or visit www.tre.wa.gov/financial-education-presentation-request/.