Take the State Childcare Survey

The Office of Financial Management is inviting employees to take a survey on childcare. It wants to know working parents’ childcare needs and the results will be shared with state lawmakers. The survey will be open through Friday, Dec. 13.
Child care access and affordability are barriers for many who want to enter or stay in the workforce as they become parents. Quality, availability and high costs are just a few of the challenges facing working moms and dads. Yet early education provides huge benefits to communities, families and society at large, helping prevent the need for expensive interventions later in life by improving social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, educational, economic and health outcomes in adulthood.
To better understand the barriers parents face, the state is conducting a Child Care Access Survey. As an employer of more than 65,000 individuals, the state of Washington is in a unique position to gather information from a large segment of the workforce. The survey results will help tell the story of how access and affordability affect Washington families and inform how resources will be distributed to help families access safe, enriching child care.

Take the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/childcareaccess

How will the data be used?

The survey gathers information about the types of services you use, issues you experience and how your employer can help ease your access to child care. Answers are anonymous and only summary data will be released in a final report to the Legislature.