Six ICSEW Representatives Receive Awards

OLYMPIA—The Interagency Committee of State Employed Women, ICSEW, is pleased to announce this year’s annual award recipients. Six ICSEW members were recognized during the annual Transition Ceremony and Celebration at the Washington State Legislative Building in Olympia July 16, 2019.   The awards and recipients are as follows:
Everlasting Award – Rachel Friederich, Department of Corrections, ICSEW Communications Chair
The recipient of the Everlasting Award has served at least two terms as representative for their state agency. The recipient remains calm under pressure and handles changes in leadership with resilience. This representative also retains and shares a wealth of historical information and assists others at all times.
Visionary Award – Shanelle Pierce, Office of the Governor
This award recognizes a committee member who helps see out future and helps us get there. The recipient demonstrates innovation and constantly implements new ideas.
Lorrie Jo Brown Excellence in Service Award – Dana Bowen, State Investment Board, ICSEW Health & Wellness Chair
This award honors someone who demonstrates innovative problem solving and excellence in public service. It is named after the late Lorrie Jo Brown. During her service with ICSEW she played an instrumental role in the committee’s breastfeeding survey project and in mentoring others.
Extra Mile Award – Marie Splaine, Department of Commerce
 & Rebecca Llewellyn, Department of Labor and Industries         
The recipient of this award has gone above and beyond to serve the ICSEW’s mission. The recipient demonstrates an outstanding effort on committee work and activities and commits time and energy to enrich lives though advocacy, outreach and opportunity.
Leadership Award – Andrea Duane, Department of Transportation, ICSEW Treasurer
This award is given to an outstanding leader. The recipient demonstrates courage in making leadership decisions, excellence in professionalism and actively assists others in realizing their full potential.