Access to Democracy

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Over 1 million Washingtonians were eligible to register to vote in 2016 but didn’t, and
of those registered nearly 1 in 5 didn’t vote. The November 2017 General Election set a
record low for voter turnout – only 37 percent of voters returned their ballots.
Gov. Jay Inslee is joining legislators to introduce a package of legislation aimed at
improving Washingtonians’ access to voting, including automatic voter registration,
Election day registration, and passing the Voting Rights Act.
Going beyond the ballot box, protecting the U.S. Census is just as important. Ensuring
a fair, accurate population count in 2020 will shape future redistricting for the decade
to come.
Proposed legislation:
Voting Rights Act: promoting equal voting opportunities and authorizing district
based election. (SB 6002, HB 1800)
Automatic Voter Registration: allows for individuals with enhanced driver
licenses and IDs to be automatically registered to vote at DOL and public assistance
Election Day Registration: election day in-person registration and transfers;
shorten voter registration cutoffs for individuals registering by mail and online. (SB
6021; HB 2297)
Pre-registration for 16 and 17 year-olds: preparing the next generation of
active citizens. (SB 5140)
Protecting the Census: making sure everyone counts and making sure their
voice is heard.
1 in 5 registered voters didn’t vote in 2016
1 million eligible unregistered voters in WA
63% didn’t vote in 2017 November election