Sick Leave Changes

On January 1, 2018, civil service rule changes will go into effect as a result of I-1433 (also see the Paid Sick Leave Factsheet for more detailed information), which requires all employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees.
How does this affect you as a state employee who already accrues paid sick leave? The new rule to comply with this initiative provides full-time, over-time eligible employees a prorated amount of sick leave if an employee is in pay status for less than 80 hours in a month (e.g. an employee is on leave without pay for FMLA or other reasons, or had less than 80 hours due to employment start date).
The current rule, WAC 357-31-120, will continue to apply to full-time, overtime-exempt employees who must be in pay status for 80 or more hours in a month to earn a sick leave accrual. In addition, there will be amendments to current rules to clarify and broaden the definitions of child, family members, minor/dependent child, and parent-in-law. If you have any questions please contact your agency’s Human Resources.