Making the Legislature Work for You

Chris Vance spoke at the ICSEW November General Membership meeting about the legislative process of bills in Washington state. A lengthy process with many avenues of change, collaboration, and voting allow very few bills to make it to the final vote. Typically, a bill travels through nine steps and will move from the rules committee, to the opposing house, to floor action, and finally to concurrence and conference. Many things influence the passage of a bill including final cutoff dates, “importance”, and supporters. It is incredibly important to have a well written bill, to talk to people you want to support the bill, to have the right people testify, and to pass the rules committee. Getting a bill through the Legislature takes diligence, patience, and an ability to state the value and importance of passing the bill. So get out there, get to know your legislators, get press coverage, make a stand, run for office, be the change you want to see in the world.
How a Bill Really Becomes A Law Adobe PDF Document