2017 ICSEW Membership Awards and Recipients

Everlasting Award
This award recognizes a committee member who has never-ending dedication to ICSEW.

  • Served more than two terms as representative for their state agency.
  • Enduring continual changes in leadership and always acting cool under pressure.
  • Boundless source of historical information and willing to share and help at all times.

Recipients: Lonna Hocker, Debbie Holcomb
Visionary Award
This award recognizes someone who helps us see our future and helps us get there.

  • Innovative
  • Implements new ideas

Recipients: Marina Woodard, Karin Johnson
Lorrie Jo Brown Award
Developed in the honor of previous committee member Lorrie Jo Brown who has passed, this award recognizes a member who demonstrates:

  • Enthusiasm in all their interactions
  • Passion and dedication to the mission and vision of the committee

Recipients: Erika Summers
Extra Mile Award
This award recognizes a committee member who has gone above and beyond to serve the mission of ICSEW.

  • Outstanding effort on committee work and activities
  • Time and energy committed to enrich lives through advocacy, outreach, and opportunity

Recipients: Ariel Kay, Chaney Curry
ICSEW Leadership Award
This award recognizes a member as an outstanding leader.

  • Courage in making leadership decisions
  • Demonstrated excellence in professionalism
  • Actively assists others in realizing their full potential

Recipients: Ann Bartholomew, Michelle Jorgensen