Legislation Update

March 29 is the last day to for bills to pass out of committee and read them into the record on the floor from the opposite house (except for House fiscal committees and Senate Ways and Means and Transportation committees). The ICSEW Legislative and Policy Subcommittee is monitoring the following bills that may impact you, the state employee.
ICSEW encourages each person to let your voice be heard and to be your own advocate. Start by reading through the bills identified below. And on your own time, contact your legislators to share your opinion.
List of Bills by Category
Equal Pay/Employment
HB 1298 Prohibiting employers from asking about arrests or convictions before an applicant is determined otherwise qualified for a position.
HB 1506 Addressing workplace practices to achieve gender pay equity.
SHB 1521 Removing the requirement that an employee must work at least six months before taking vacation leave.
SSB 5374  Concerning state employee whistleblower protection.
Public Safety and Health
SHB 1076 Permitting the donation of home-prepared foods to charitable organizations.
SHB 1155 Making felony sex offenses a crime that may be prosecuted at any time after its commission.
SHB 1163 Concerning domestic violence.
SHB 1384/SB 5256 Concerning sexual assault protection orders.
SB 5037 Making a fourth driving under the influence offense a felony.
 Family Medical Leave/Women’s Health
HB 1116/SB 5032 Implementing family and medical leave insurance.
SHB 1434/SB 5295 Adding the use of shared leave for pregnancy disability or for the purposes of parental leave to bond with the employee’s newborn, adoptive, or foster child.
HB 1796 Providing reasonable accommodations in the workplace for pregnant women.
SB 5835 Promoting healthy outcomes for pregnant women and infants.
HB 1595 Concerning costs associated with responding to public records requests.