Introductory Blog from the Committee Chair

Originally posted by Jhenifer Morfitt
Hello. I wanted to start by letting you know all the ways ICSEW can make your life better, but then I realized if you’re checking this website, you’re probably more familar with our committee than you are with me, as the new Chair. So, let me introduce myself.
I am Jhenifer Morfitt: Admin Assistant at the Department of Fish and Wildlie, single mother of two, and a transplant from Colorado (though Connecticut is my official “hometown”). I’ve lived in Washington for more than eight years and have grown to love the rain. My philosophy is to “bring the sunshine in,” no matter the weather. I am also a proud member of the eco-friendly culture in Olympia. It has become my home.
I graduated from a small liberal arts college in Alamosa, Colorado called Adams State. Several of my college years were spent as a radio DJ, playing mostly chick rock and new alternative music. I am a passionate lifetime learner, with a love for the English language and an aptitude for math.
When I was in high school, I was into theatre, photography, and tennis. As a professional, these interests have served me well: I am confident speaking to large groups, have the patience to develop ideas using a strategic process, and keep my eye on the ball while moving really fast.
I have been a member of ICSEW since 2009 and have since served as Conference Subcommittee Chair, Vice Chair, and now Committee Chair. In all my roles, I have become more aware of the incredible, positive impact we have on each other every day. With a little encouragement and support, we are capable of feats beyond what we thought possible. I have received so much from the committee members in terms of energy, ideas, and inspiration, and I am committed to returning the favor, so we may recognize and promote our strengths and achieve our goals with confidence.