When you are the first….

Marjorie Edwina Pitter King

Marjorie Edwina Pitter King was the youngest sister born in March 8, 1921. With a passion for numbers, she attended the University of Washington College of Economics and Business and enjoyed courses with creative, interactive team approaches. To be sure attending college as a female woman of color during the Great Depression was full of challenges and discrimination. In 1942, Marjorie transferred to Howard University to complete her graduation requirements. She worked in the Pentagon during World War II. Ms. King returned to Seattle of established a successful tax business. Becoming active in politics, Marjorie was the first African American woman appointed to serve in the State Legislature in 1965. Taking a lead in the Democratic Party, she served as the 37th District Chair and the Vice President for King County. She served as the Treasurer of the Washington State Federation of Democratic Women, Inc. Providing leadership, Ms. King help draft the National Democratic Party Platform while attending the 1972 convention.