Public Outreach Subcommittee


Create and manage an effective fund development framework that is thoughtful, strategic, and sustainable while pursuing the funding authority provided by Executive Order 16-04:

  • Create and coordinate public outreach opportunities by building relationships between ICSEW, its members and the communities of Washington.
  • Select and support a Washington State Combined Fund Drive Charity on an annual basis through an ICSEW sponsored collection drive.
  • Create and maintain public interaction and awareness of  ICSEW through promotion of all ICSEW led projects by tabling events, information fairs and other appropriate marketing opportunities.
  • Support the health and wellness of women in Washington state by tabling at state agency Health and Wellness Fairs and sharing virtual wellness opportunities to state agencies.
  • Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by attending and tabling conferences such as the DEI Summit, the Women’s Summit, and other conferences and fairs which support inclusivity.



Jasmine Pippin-Timco, Liquor and Cannabis Board

Debra Lefing, Office of the Attorney General


Ann Bartholomew, Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals

Brooke Bane, Department of Licensing

Desiola Kolade, Department of Retirement Services

Jennifer Lacey, Department of Agriculture

Lori Carnino, Department of Licensing

Marina Woodard, Utilities and Transportation Commission

Rachael Hopkins-Friesner, Office of the Washington State Auditor

Sequenna Blair, Department of Licensing

What We Do

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The Public Outreach subcommittee promotes ICSEW, through coordination and participation in   public and state agency-sponsored events and through ICSEW-sponsored drives that align with the ICSEW’s mission and vision.

Activities include:

  • Representing ICSEW at information fairs and events with special emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Health & Wellness
  • Participating in Washington State’s annual Public Service Recognition Week
  • Promoting and supporting traditional ICSEW events and trainings
  • Establishing and coordinating public outreach opportunities and building relationships in the community
  • Sponsoring annual charity  drive for an organization registered with the Secretary of State’s Combined Fund Drive

Current Projects

Gift Card and Supplies Drive

The ICSEW’s Public Outreach Subcommittee has a vested interest in supporting community organizations that share the ICSEW values of Wellness, Advocacy, Leadership, Integrity, Fostering growth and Empowerment. Each year, the public outreach subcommittee coordinates a charitable project for a local non-profit organization or community program. Past organizations have included the YWCA of Olympia’s Other Bank.

For 2020-2021, the ICSEW Public Outreach Subcommittee has chosen to sponsor a gift card and supplies drive for organizations that provide services and resources to women and individuals who are victims of domestic violence. In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, police departments and civic groups are reporting a spike in domestic violence cases because mandated stay-at-home orders have put victims in close proximity to their abusers.

Non-profit organizations that assist domestic violence victims are reporting logistic and financial difficulties in delivering supplies and resources. Furthermore, local businesses have been impacted by the pandemic through the reduction in sales and operating hours. The Public Outreach subcommittee wanted to sponsor a project to help charitable organizations as well as local businesses.

Please visit our Annual Charity Drive Page for complete details on how to participate.