Mentorship Subcommittee


Develop a mentorship program that develops unique relationships outside of the supervisory chain of command with the purpose of growing, broadening, and strengthening personal and professional skills and knowledge.  A goal of this statewide mentorship program would utilize the skills that government workers already bring to state service to better the lives of all state employees by promoting growth, and celebrating public service careers.

Mentorship Pilot Program

The ICSEW’s Mentorship Subcommittee has officially launched its first-ever Mentorship Pilot Program! More than 40 people from more than a dozen agencies are participating.

Visit our Mentorship Pilot program page to learn more.



Laurel Haas, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

Committee Members:
Taja Blackhorn, Department of Labor and Industries
Ayanna Coleman, Office of Financial Management
Cyndi Comfort, Department of Natural Resources
Linda Tilson, Department of Labor and Industries
Marcia Zitelman, The Evergreen State College