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Our Goal

ICSEW is developing and piloting an informal mentoring program to advocate for statewide rollout. We designed our pilot program to support the personal and professional development of Washington state employees by offering goal setting, career planning, problem-solving, leadership skills and networking opportunities.

What We Do

Our team manages the development of the mentoring program as well as the resources that facilitate it, including the application process, orientation, and evaluation.

Our Members

Mentorship Chair

This position is currently open. If you’re interested in this position, please contact us.


Laurel Hass, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
Ayanna Coleman, Office of Financial Management
Linda Tilson, Department of Labor and Industries
Marcia Zitelman, The Evergreen State College
Sonal Bawne, Office of Financial Management

Learn About Our Mentorship Pilot Program!

In June of 2020, the ICSEW launched its first ever Mentorship Pilot Program!

The pilot created a test mentorship program to better the lives of Washington state employees by sharing knowledge, experience and leadership skills to support career development. Thirty-eight individuals from more than a dozen agencies are participating.

We conducted the pilot for a traditional mentoring relationship over a six-month period. Mentor-mentee pairs met at least monthly. Mentors brought experience and leadership to nurture the professional development and personal growth of their mentees. Mentees used their time with their mentors to identify and work on personal or professional goals and receive guidance.

The subcommittee provides resource support and validates benefits. With our pilot close to completion, ICSEW is working with interested partners to recommend a full-scale statewide mentorship program, providing guidelines and best practices for mentoring.

Updates about the mentorship pilot will be posts to ICSEW’s blog, InterAct.


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