Legislative & Policy Subcommittee


Improve the lives of state-employed women by making policy recommendations to the Governor and state agencies with respect to desirable changes in program and law especially in the area of education, training, career development, and other conditions of employment.


Chair: Melissa Cheesman, Utilities and Transportation


What We Do

  • Represent the voice of women through ICSEW
  • Advise the Governor concerning changes to legislation, rules, regulations, and policies relating to improving the lives of state-employed women.
  • Advise state agencies on policy and workplaces issues relating to improving the lives of state-employed women.
  • Train subcommittee members to track and report on legislation
  • Prepare a Special Legislative Issue of the InterAct Newsletter after the legislative session ends

Bill Alerts 2018

January 19th: SB 6278

January 18th: SB 5140

January 12th: HB 1506

January 18th: SB 5140

January 19th: SB 6274

January 26th: SB 6029

January 31th: HB 2888

February 2nd: HB: 2759

February 2nd: SB 6486

Be Your Own Advocate

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