Conference Presentation Materials

2018 Conference Materials

Session Two

Mindfulness at Work: Upgrade the way you live Faith Mysterial limiting-liberating beliefs By presenters: Larisa Benson and Vicki Oyadamori

Interview Panel Resume and Interview Tips By presenters: Krystle Jones, Ashley Harris, Betty Lochner

Navigating the State Application Process:  John Lees Hand Out and 7 ways to show emotional intelligence in a job interview By presenters: Marra Johnson

Session Three

Culture Shift: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change, Betty Lochner

Values Alignment:  Values: Handout 1 and Values Handout 2 By presenter: Amy Leneker

Session Four

Live More in your Genius Zone By presenter: Sue Hollowell

Authentic Self at Work By presenter: Amy Leneker

Session Five

Mastering the Interview and Marketing your skills By presenters: Beth Rokstad and Marra Johnson

Hall How to Connect with Our Audience By presenter: Kyle Hall

Leading from the Inside Out: Stress, Time and Energy By presenters: Elizabeth Fontella and Ellis Starrett

Snapped: Financial Stress Decompression: Snapped Emergency Supplies List and Emergency Financial First Aid Kit and Person Disaster Preparedness Guide By presenter: Suzanne Klenk