Professional Development Conference


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICSEW executive board made the difficult decision not to hold a conference in 2020. The board is discussing options for a future conference to be held at a later date.

Special Recognition

Thank you 2019 Conference Sponsors!

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Downloadable Materials

Session handouts will be posted on our Conference Presentation Materials page soon.

Program: 2019 ICSEW Professional Development Conference Program with Session Descriptions 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a conference sponsor?
  • The 2019 Professional Development Conference is now over. If you would like to sponsor a future conference, please send an email to
How do I become a conference presenter?
  • The ICSEW’s Professional Development subcommittee screens and selects our conference presenters. Please send an email to and our professional development chair will help you submit a proposal.
Will there be a place for nursing mothers to feed their babies?

Yes. There will be an on-site nursing room designated for nursing mothers. An ICSEW representative will direct you where to go.

What if I need to cancel my ticket before the event?

You may cancel your ticket for a full refund until August 16. After August 16, there are no refunds. You may also transfer your ticket to another attendee. If you have purchased a ticket, but need a refund or transfer, send an email to with “Conference 2019 refund or transfer” in the subject line.

I am an ICSEW representative for my agency. Do I have to purchase a ticket?

Yes. All attendees must purchase a ticket. Many state agencies and employers will cover or reimburse your ticket because it is considered professional development training. Contact your supervisor or training and development unit coordinator to find out how your employer handles training fee reimbursement requests.

Do I have to sign up for sessions?

No. All sessions are first come, first serve. It’s recommended you arrive to sessions early and have a back-up session planned in case your first choices get filled up.

The conference includes a catered lunch. Do you have options for individuals with special dietary needs? Do I have to eat the catered lunch?

The catered lunch will have food that is gluten free and vegetarian options. If you need additional accommodations, contact Conference Chair, Debbie Baker. or (360) 596-3733. The conference is taking place during the last week of summer session, so regular on-campus dining options may not be operational. The campus is located within minutes of several off-site dining establishments.

How do I get there?

To get to South Puget Sound Community College, take Exit 104 from I5 onto Highway 101. Take the first exit (Crosby Boulevard) to the right. From the exit ramp, make a left turn onto Crosby Blvd. You will cross over Highway 101, pass through one stoplight and come to the intersection of Crosby Blvd. and Mottman Rd. Make a right turn onto Mottman Road and look for the next left turn, the entrance to the college.

Is there a parking fee?

Parking is free and can be found going either left or right at the entrance. InterCity Transit offers unlimited free fare to government workers who have a STAR pass on their state-issued agency identification badge. To get a STAR pass, contact your agency’s employee transportation coordinator at

What should I wear?

Business casual attire is acceptable. Please keep in mind that the event is on a college campus. Comfortable shoes are encouraged for walking between buildings.

What ADA accommodations does SPSCC have?

SPSCC complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, and all other applicable state and federal regulations to provide reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. The college offers Access Services for students with disabilities to help them access programs and services. If you have any specific questions, please contact Debbie Baker, Conference Chair: or (360) 596-3733.

I would love to attend this event, but I often encounter so much fragrance at similar events that I get sick and need to leave. Could I request an accommodation to ask attendees to refrain from using fragranced products?

For the health and safety of facilitators and participants and to ensure the training is accessible to those who have a disability associated with exposure to fragrances, we are asking attendees to refrain from wearing fragranced products.

Will there be Wi-Fi available?

Yes. Attendees will be able to use Wi-Fi. No password is required.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to