Annual Charity Drive

four women holding toiletries products
ICSEW members deliver toiletries to the YWCA of Olympia during the committee’s annual charity drive.

Gift Card and Supplies Drive for Victims of Domestic Violence 

Each year, The ICSEW Public Outreach Subcommittee coordinates a charitable project for a non-profit organization or community program.

2020-2021 Charity Drive

The ICSEW Public Outreach Subcommittee has chosen to sponsor a gift card and supplies drive for organizations that provide services and resources to women and individuals who are victims of domestic violence. In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, police departments and civic groups are reporting a spike in domestic violence cases because mandated stay-at-home orders have put victims in close proximity to their abusers.

Non-profit organizations that assist domestic violence victims are also experiencing logistic and financial difficulties in delivering supplies and resources. Furthermore, local businesses have been impacted by the pandemic through the reduction in sales and operating hours. The Public Outreach subcommittee wanted to sponsor a project to help these organizations as well as local businesses.

The ICSEW is collecting supplies and gift cards for businesses that can supply food, household and essential items for domestic violence victims statewide.

Organization Recipients:

Western Washington: Safe Place

Eastern Washington: To Be Determined

For more information, contact the Public Outreach Subcommittee:

Jasmine Pippin-Timco

Debra Lefing: