Annual Charity Drive

four women holding toiletries productsICSEW members deliver toiletries to the YWCA of Olympia during the committee’s annual charity drive.

Each year, The ICSEW Public Outreach Subcommittee coordinates a charitable project for a non-profit organization or community program. 

This year’s recipients are:

2020-2021 Focus: Victims of Domestic Violence

The ICSEW Public Outreach Subcommittee has chosen to sponsor a gift card and supplies drive for organizations that provide services and resources to women and individuals who are victims of domestic violence. In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, police departments and civic groups are reporting a spike in domestic violence cases because mandated stay-at-home orders have put victims in close proximity to their abusers. 

Non-profit organizations that assist domestic violence victims are also experiencing logistic and financial difficulties in delivering supplies and resources. Furthermore, local businesses have been impacted by the pandemic through the reduction in sales and operating hours. The Public Outreach subcommittee wanted to sponsor a project to help these organizations as well as local businesses.

To ensure safe, no-contact delivery, ICSEW is encouraging the public to mail gift cards to charitable organizations for local businesses that carry items in need. During the month of December, gift cards for any business are helpful as it allows families to participate in gift giving for their children during the holidays. Types of businesses most helpful include restaurants, grocery/convenience stores, gas cards, any place that carries hygiene items, food, diapers/baby wipes and cleaning products.

How to Participate:

If you are an individual who would like to donate a gift card, simply reach out to a local business or restaurant near you to purchase the card and mail to the desired organization below. Any business that carries grocery items, diapers & wipes, personal hygiene items or cleaning supplies would be useful. The organizations also need gift cards for restaurants, takeout, and fast food locations for food. During the holiday season any gift card can be donated as the families receive them as a Christmas gift, in some cases these are the only gifts children receive.

If you are an immune compromised individual or do not feel comfortable purchasing a gift card in-person, at the end of this page is a list of businesses with limited contact and no contact options. If you are a business that would like to be on this list, please see the section below for businesses for how to participate. ICSEW is coordinating with businesses to arrange delivery of gift cards to specific organizations. Businesses can also donate directly to the organization. For more information on how please contact

For Individuals: To ensure safe, no-contact delivery, ICSEW is encouraging the public to mail gift cards to charitable organizations for local businesses that carry items in need. Some of the businesses in the list below have options to mail as a gift direct to the chosen organization. 

Organization Recipients:

Western Washington:

Eastern Washington

  • New Hope (Grand Coulee, Moses Lake, Mattawa, Othello, Quincy, Royal City) C/O: Tina Steinmetz 311 W 3rd Ave, Moses Lake, WA, 98837
  • YWCA Spokane (Spokane County) C/O: Jennifer Haynes-Harter 930 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201
  • YWCA Yakima (Yakima County) C/O: Miriam Saavedra 818 W Yakima Ave, Yakima, WA 98902

If you are a local business and would like to participate in the gift card and product drive or be added to our list for contact free purchases please contact the ICSEW’s Public Outreach Subcommittee Co-Chairs. This list is businesses which are providing an option for purchase of gift cards over the phone or online. The purchased cards will be held at the business and picked up by a representative from the closest participating organization to minimize contact and promote social distancing or provide options to send to the purchasing individual for mailing or directly to the organization.

For Western Washington businesses please contact and for Eastern Washington businesses, please contact

Currently the following businesses offer no contact options:

Note: Please when selecting a gift card to send, keep in mind where the business is located. Many of these businesses are in multiple counties but some are not found in every county. Please select a business close to the organization you are wishing to support so they can more easily utilize your gift to help survivors of domestic violence.

If you would like your business added to this list or your business would like to donate to one of the above organizations please reach out to:

**During the holidays these organizations also help with holiday gifts for the families under their care – until Christmas, gift cards in small increments for any store will allow for children and parents to provide each other with gifts, this can be a rare bright spot in a very difficult journey for families and help out businesses that do not carry the usual needed items for these organizations **

Arby’s: – Homepage has link for Gift Cards, can purchase online in increments of $5 and can be mailed to recipient. There’s a Buy in Bulk option offering corporate discounts when purchasing large quantities. (Found near all organizations)
Baskin & Robbins: – Gift Card option on homepage. They offer mobile gift cards and Buy in Bulk. Download the App to send a mobile gift card through text or email.
Bed, Bath & Beyond:  – Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to “Services & Solutions” Gift Cards are here, free standard shipping.
 Big 5 Sporting Goods:  – Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to “Customer Service”, Gift Cards are there. Options are $25, $50, $100. Per reviews the gift card can be purchased online, but cannot be used for online purchases, used in-store only.
Big Lots:  – Search “gift cards” on the hompage, the gift card options come back and these can be bought and used online.
Blimpie Subs & Sandwiches *Offering gift card bonus special through 12/31/2020*:   – Homepage has a Gift Cards link and an ad special, spend $50 get $15 thru 12/31/2020.
Burger King:   – Option to have gift card sent by mail or email. The gift card is reloadable.
Carl’s Jr:  – “Gift Cards” top center of homepage. Increments of $5-$100, mailed, .99 USPS mailing fee. Also available at grocers & pharmacies listed on site.
Dairy Queen:  – Scroll down on homepage to “Gift Cards and Gear”. Bulk order option – contact –
Dollar Tree:   – Scroll down to bottom of page for “Dollar Tree Stores”, “Git Cards” there’s a bulk option also, free online shipping to recipient.
Domino’s:  – Scroll down on the homepage, past the pizza, there is a Gift Card link. There’s an E-Gift Card option delivered by email, plastic gift card delivered by mail, and Corporate Gifts options.
Dutch Bros Coffee:  – Bottom left of the homepage is “Resources” “Gift Cards” ath the bottom. They offer $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 cards with free standard shipping to recipient.
Fantastic Sams:  – At the bottom of the homepage is “Gift Cards” but you can’t purchase one there, it’s the terms
Figaro Pizza *Offering gift card special thru 12/31/20* : – Current special through 12/31/2020 – 20% off gift cards, $25 minimum purchase. Gift Card link on top right of homepage. Choice of eGift Card sent by email or physical card mailed.
Five Guys Burgers & Fries: – After clicking “Menu” I found “Gift Cards”, “Purchase a Gift Card”  at the bottom left of the page.
Fred Meyer: – Under “Services” at the bottom of the homepage is “Gift Card Mall” offering not only Fred Meyer/Kroeger gift cards but, many other businesses, many on this list. Choice of email or mail delivery.
Grocery Outlet:  – Scroll down the homepage, near the bottom on the left is “Buy a Gift Card”. $10 minimum, card is mailed to recipient.
Kohl’s:  – Scroll to bottom homepage under “Shop Kohl’s” is “Gift Cards”. Send gift cards by mail, ships for free & E-Gift Cards online – sent instantly. Buy in bulk option too.
Panda Express:  – “Gift Cards” top right of home page & ad for a Free Bowl with $30 gift card purchase. Options for digital card & physical card Reloadable. Also available at many of the grocers & pharmacies listed here.
Papa Murphy’s Take N Bake Pizza:  – “Gift Cards” top, center of homepage. Offer free USPS first class mail shipping & eGift Card, $10, $25, $50, $100 increments of $5. Reloadable.
Petco:  – Scroll to bottom of homepage under “Corporate” is “Gift Cards” where you can choose an eGift Card, Print at home, Send by Mail.
Peet’s Coffee & Tea:  – Scroll down to bottom left of homepage under “Help” is “Peet’s Cards” where only Egift Cards are available.
Quizno’s:  – “Gift Cards” top center of homepage offers eGift card.
Ross Dress For Less:  – “Gift Cards” at bottom of homepage. Increments of $10-$150, mailed to recipient.
Safeway/Albertsons:  – Bottom left of homepage under “Quick Links” is “Gift Cards”. For eGifts go to . It has many businesses offered. Can select to have mailed. Most sent for free.
Sizzler:  – “Gift Cards” on homepage offering mailed physical gift card & eGift cards.
Starbucks: -“Gift Cards” is on the homepage top left, offering eGift cards and bulk option. Plastic cards can be purchased at Safeway, Walgreens, Albertsons, Walmart, Fred Meyer with several of them offering mail options.
Subway:  – “Gift Cards” top of homepage on right. Corporate order for 10 or more cards, eGift card, physical card. Also has a list of grocery and pharmacy stores with Subways.
Taco Bell:  – “Gifting” on the left on homepage. Offers eGift cards, Taco Bell Gift Cards, Taco Gifter option, and bulk purchase. Grocers & pharmacies listed here also offer Taco Bell gift cards.
Target:  – “Gift Cards” at the top right of homepage. Choose from Target gift cards and many other businesses. Gift card sent by email, mail or text.
Tractor Supply Co *Offering gift card special thru 12/27/2020*:  – “Gift Cards” on top of homepage. eGift Card or mailed card. Bonus Card of $10 thru 12/27/2020 with any online gift card purchase of $50 or more.
Walgreen’s:  – Offers gift cards for just about everything, many businesses. Pickup is available. They offer curbside or drive-thru. It appears gift cards aren’t available for shipping but can be purchased for curbside pickup and then mailed to chosen organization.
Walmart:  – Choose “MoneyCenter” from the homepage, “Gift Cards” is in the center of the page. Walmart also offers gift cards for other businesses, many as well. Mail delivery & E-Card options.
Winco Foods:  – “Gift Card” link on the homepage, top center, buy in bulk option which is 10 or more, reloadable. $5, $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, .55 shipping charge applied.