November 21st is the Next ICSEW Membership Meeting – See you there!

ICSEW meetings are open to everyone. We encourage you to forward this information to those who would benefit from attending an ICSEW meeting, no matter their gender.

We are also collecting toiletry and hygiene items for the YWCA of Olympia. NEEDED ITEM: dish soap.

RSVP: Using EventBrite: by November 14, 2017.

This meeting will have a catered lunch.

Date: 11/21/2017

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Location: Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, 2430 Chandler Court SW, Olympia, WA

Meeting Agenda 11/21/2017Adobe PDF Document


Chris Vance

  • Build relationships with your legislators.
  • What happens after you contact your legislators?
  • How you can make sure your legislature works for you.

Nick Streuli

  • Paid Medical and Family Leave Act.
  • How it will impact you and your family.

Communication Plans

When emails come from ICSEW…it is your responsibility to share pertinent information with your agency. How do you do that? What do you share? You need to refer to your communication plan with your agency.

From the email we sent out on 9/26/17…we received the a few communication plans. (see attachment below) As you will see…the majority of us do not have communication plans with their agency.  We are going to work together to change this story.

  • Review Communication Plan ExamplesAdobe PDF Document
  • Take note on what would work for you and your agency.
  • Schedule a meeting with your sponsor to develop a draft communication plan.
  • Be prepared to present your draft communication plan at the January 16th ICSEW meeting.


ICSEW is looking to collect resources useful to state-employed women and become a useful repository for this information.  This includes:

  • Lactation accommodations
  • Infants in the workplace programs
  • Telework policies

This is where you come in…we need your help in obtaining the list above from your agency.  We will compile all the information to be used as a tool/resource for those reps/alts who do not have such resources available to them…ICSEW strives to help YOU develop/modify/edit/update policies that affect state-employed women.  What resources do you need to be successful? ICSEW is here to help.  So tell us how we can be helpful.


2017-18 Calendar2017-18 CalendarAdobe PDF Document


Attendance Policy

Regular attendance at committee meetings is essential to ensure that decisions made represent the opinions of the committee as a whole. An ICSEW representative may forfeit their appointment as a result of poor attendance.

Notice of all absences must be provided to the Membership Chair. An absence will be excused when notice is provided at least two days in advance of the meeting AND the representative has arranged for an alternate to attend in their absence.

Two unexcused absences in a row will result in the Membership Subcommittee contacting the representative’s director or equivalent. View the attendance policy 620.0 on our Policies and Procedures PageAdobe PDF Document.

Meeting Rules & Guidelines

  1. Members serve as goodwill ambassadors for their agency and the Governor of the State of Washington.
  2. Members are on time.
  3. Members are engaged and actively participating.
  4. Members treat their member colleagues and guests with respect by not interrupting or putting others down.
  5. Members are accountable for their words and actions.
  6. Members keep an open mind and assume the best.
  7. Members are encouraged to voice differing options. The sum of the part is greater than the whole.
  8. Members will share and utilize their business knowledge.
  9. Members will make decisions in an inclusive manner.
  10. Members will introduce themselves to someone new or someone they do not know.
  11. On meeting days, members are asked to avoid the use of scented deodrants, hair products, body sprays, and lotions in consideration of others. Members are encouraged to choose an unscented version of these items.
  12. Members notify the Membership Subcommittee Chair in advance if you will be absent from a meeting.


  • Meeting Voting Proxy FormAdobe PDF Document– missing a meeting? Complete the proxy form to give your alternate voting authority in your absence.