January Meeting – Do not miss out!

The agenda for the January 16, 2018 Interagency Committee of State Employed Women meeting is available now!

Meeting Agenda January 16, 2018Adobe PDF Document

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Presenter Preview

We have two dynamic presenters lined up for January’s meeting, Michele Zukerberg and Rachel Young.

Michele Zukerberg: The Power of Negotiation

Negotiation is an important skill to develop as you advance in your career. But what does it involve? Michele Zukerberg will present negotiation topics with examples tailored toward government workers. Her presentation emphasizes the gender dimension of negotiations and provides women with the tools they need to be better negotiators. Topics covered include managing conflict and navigating gender stereotypes, preparing to negotiate and dealing with difficult people. Women can’t win (navigating the competence versus likability dilemma).

  • Women don’t ask
  • Women still face salary disparity in Washington State
  • Women negotiate both the deal AND the stereotype

Michele has a Master of Forestry degree from Duke University. In 1998, she began working as a Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) forester. She also runs Zukerberg Consulting, offering facilitation, mediation and conflict management, collaborative negotiations and women and negotiations training services. She’s a certified mediator with the Washington Mediation Association and a volunteer mediator and trainer with the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County.

Rachel Young: Harnessing Leadership in Yourself and Others

The job of management is not to select the best ideas, but create a system that allows the best ideas to happen. That’s the mantra of entrepreneur Rachel Young. Rachel went from being a stay-at-home mom to a business manager—despite not having any formal training on the subject. She networked with local professional organizations to learn how to hold herself accountable in the face of adversity and serve as a mentor to staff and harness the talent of her employees to solve problems.

Rachel is the founder of Miss Moffett’s Mystical cupcakes. She’s also a philanthropist and councilmember for the city of Lacey.

Post-Lunch Wellness Activity

Join us after lunch for a fun, low-impact way to burn calories with Come Dance With Me!  We’ll  learn one new line/group dance to the You Tube clip of Dancing in the Dark – Like No One Is Watching session, followed by a light stretch session. Come on and let’s get moving!

Its a Day On, Not a Day Off! – Martin Luther King Day of Service is January 15, 2018!

January’s meeting is the day after Martin Luther King Jr Day. Martin Luther King Day is celebrated as a national day of service. Members will have an opportunity to share what service means to them and ways they serve others in their communities. Want to find out how you can serve your community? The Corporation for National and Community Service has put together a helpful guide on its website: https://www.nationalservice.gov/mlkday

2017-18 Calendar2017-18 CalendarAdobe PDF Document


Attendance Policy

Regular attendance at committee meetings is essential to ensure that decisions made represent the opinions of the committee as a whole. An ICSEW representative may forfeit their appointment as a result of poor attendance.

Notice of all absences must be provided to the Membership Chair. An absence will be excused when notice is provided at least two days in advance of the meeting AND the representative has arranged for an alternate to attend in their absence.

Two unexcused absences in a row will result in the Membership Subcommittee contacting the representative’s director or equivalent. View the attendance policy 620.0 on our Policies and Procedures PageAdobe PDF Document.

Meeting Rules & Guidelines

  1. Members serve as goodwill ambassadors for their agency and the Governor of the State of Washington.
  2. Members are on time.
  3. Members are engaged and actively participating.
  4. Members treat their member colleagues and guests with respect by not interrupting or putting others down.
  5. Members are accountable for their words and actions.
  6. Members keep an open mind and assume the best.
  7. Members are encouraged to voice differing options. The sum of the part is greater than the whole.
  8. Members will share and utilize their business knowledge.
  9. Members will make decisions in an inclusive manner.
  10. Members will introduce themselves to someone new or someone they do not know.
  11. On meeting days, members are asked to avoid the use of scented deodrants, hair products, body sprays, and lotions in consideration of others. Members are encouraged to choose an unscented version of these items.
  12. Members notify the Membership Subcommittee Chair in advance if you will be absent from a meeting.


  • Meeting Voting Proxy FormAdobe PDF Document– missing a meeting? Complete the proxy form to give your alternate voting authority in your absence.