Bill HB 1434 – PASSED

Authorizing shared leave for pregnancy disability or for the purposes of parental leave to bond with a newborn, adoptive child, or foster child.

Expands the reasons for which a state employee can request shared leave to include being sick or temporarily disabled due to pregnancy disability, or for the purpose of bonding with a newborn, adoptive child or foster child.  An employee is not required to deplete all sick and annual leave before receiving shared leave for the purposes of pregnancy disability or for parental leave.

Effective July 1, 2018.

Link to the bill:

Another Successful Toiletries Drive supporting the YWCA Other Bank in Olympia

2018 Toiletries Drive at YWCA Other BankAround 25 State Agencies participated in the annual Toiletry Drive for the YWCA Other Bank.  The Other Bank is essential for many low-income individuals and families in Thurston County.  Products such as diapers, personal hygiene products, laundry soap, etc. are items that cannot be purchased with food benefits but are necessary to maintaining optimal health and personal care.  This year, ICSEW representatives and alternates and their respected State Agencies collected over $6000 in highly needed products for The Other Bank.  The staff at the YWCA were very excited to receive our donations as over 95% of their products come from donors.  A big THANK YOU for everyone’s generosity!

2018 Toiletries drive product collection

Legislation Update on Federal Bill HR 5464

Federal Bill H.R. 5464 – Pink Tax Repeal Act, Introduced in the House on 04/10/2018:


Bill summary provided by Countable (app available in Google Play or Apple Store):

The bill would prohibit gender-based pricing of consumer products and services by making it an unfair trade practice to charge more for a version of a substantially similar product that’s marketed toward one gender. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would be responsible for enforcing violations and state attorneys general would have the authority to take civil action on behalf of wronged consumers. State attorneys general would notify the FTC in writing of civil actions undertaken.

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