Executive Board

Amal Joury, Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises

Amal Joury Chair


Vice Chair
Josefina Magaña Department of Labor and Industries

portrait of  Josefina Magana


Executive Secretary
LuAnne Eyles Health Care Authority

LULU headshot



Cristina Steward, Utilities & Transportation Commission

Subcommittee Chairs

Communications Chair

Rachel Friederich Department of Corrections



Conference Chair

Beth Archer State Investment Board

Cheryl Flynn Employment Security Department

Membership Chair

Marianne McIntosh Department of Revenue


Mentorship Chair

Laurel Haas Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

Partnerships Chair

Allison Spector Office of Financial Management

Allison Spector


Professional Development Chair

Rae Simpson, Department of Corrections

portrait of Rae Simpson

Public Outreach Co-chairs

Jasmine Pippin-Timco, Liquor & Cannabis Board

Jasmine PippinTimco

Debra Lefing, Office of the Attorney General