Past Chairs

1963-1964  Mildred Dunn, Agency Unknown
1964-1965  Vesta Cutting, Private Business
1966-1970  Waneta McClung, Private Business
1970-1971  Thomas Gardener, Governor’s Office
1971-1975  Janet Ward, Department of Personnel
1975-1976  Laurie Sanders, Department of Licensing
1976-1977  Bette Johnson, Department of Fisheries
1977-1977  Marge Olson, Department of Game
1977-1978  Bernie Smith, Department of Labor and Industries
1978-1979  Laurie Sanders, Department of Licensing
1979-1979  Gretchen Thorsen, Department of Social and Health Services
1979-1982  Mary Jo Lavin, Department of Natural Resources
1982-1985  Maxine Krull, Employment Security Department
1985-1986  Kathy Sullivan, Office of Financial Management
1986-1987  Sheryl Wilson, Department of Retirement System
1987-1990  Marveen Rohr, Department of Wildlife
1990-1992  Kathy Willis, Department of Labor and Industries
1992-1994  Linda Lethlean, Department of Revenue
1994-1994  Sadie Hawkins, Office of Financial Management
1994-1996  Rachel LeMieux, Department of Revenue
1996-1997  Marguerite Austin, Interagency Comm. for Outdoor Recreation
1997-1998  Dawn Hitchens, Higher Education Coordinating Board
1998-1999  Kristi Hubble, Department of Licensing
1999-2000  Dawn Baker, Department of Social and Health Services
2000-2001  Kathy Shore, Department of Health
2001-2003  Annykay Melendez, State Auditor’s Office
2003-2005  Vicki Rummig, Office of Financial Management
2005-2007  Dianna Gifford, Department of Natural Resources
2007-2008  Connie Riker, Department of General Administration
2008-2009  Amilee Wilson, Department of Fish and Wildlife
2009-2012  Genevieve O’Sullivan, St. Auditor’s Office/Redistricting Comm.
2012-2015  Jhenifer Morfitt, Department of Fish and Wildlife
2015-2016 Maria Peterson, Department of Corrections
2016-Present Leatta Dahlhoff, Department of Ecology

Past Logos

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