Professional Development Conference Speaker: Corey Leneker

Corey Leneker

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Five Choices to Extraordinary Productivity: Increasing Personal Effectiveness and Productivity

Each day brings new waves of urgency that compete for our attention. Texts. Emails. Calls. Meetings. Family Obligations. They all converge on our already packed schedules. The result? A sense of being busy without actually being productive. This can leave you feeling burned out and inadequate.

The sheer volume of daily distractions threatens our ability to think clearly and to make wise decisions about what is truly important. The Five Choices to Extraordinary Productivity empowers people with clear guidance on how to avoid distractions and accomplish the goals that matter most in their professional and personal lives.

Supported by science and years of experience, The Five Choices helps individuals produce a measurable increase in productivity while providing a renewed sense of engagement and accomplishment

Corey Leneker:

Corey Leneker is a leadership consultant with Compass Consulting, LLC. Corey has more than 20 years of work experience in higher education, the private sector, and state government.

Corey is known for his sought-after council, track record of delivering results, and hopeful aspiration energy. Corey has a background in coaching college athletics and is a certified coach with USA Soccer. Corey has delivered training to executives, leaders and practitioners.

As a first generation college student, Corey believes in the transformative power of higher education and holds a Master’s degree in public administration. Corey and his family live in the Pacific Northwest.